The Green {and Thrifty} Thanksgiving Table

November 22, 2010

Last year I started a tradition of decorating our Thanksgiving table using "green" elements. For this year's tablecentre, I incorporated a lot more eco-friendly items and came up with a simple modern-rustic setting using glass, wood, pine cones and greens. We did the typical fall color scheme last year, so I thought it would be fun and fresh to do a lush and contemporary design in green this year. 

I used an unfinished wood plank (recycled from a piece of furniture) as the runner on our glass dining table. Then, I created boxed arrangements of green succulents, pine cones, and greens from our garden. Succulents are a great "green" floral alternative since they are hardy and can go a long time without water. I spread candles throughout and included some recycled glass bottles as votives. I simply cut the bottoms off (big experiment I had months ago for one of my weddings) and had an instant new candle holder. 

For the place card holders, I used CB2's Whirly Candleholder, and filled it with more pine cones and dried fruits. We like to start decorating for Christmas the day after thanksgiving, so I thought it would make a fun gift for each family member to take home and use to decorate their tree. 

What's great is that this set-up can transition into the Holidays by adding some sparkle, berries or fruits, and more seasonal flowers and foliage!


  1. How did you cut off the bottoms so neatly?

  2. These were the best bottles! Here are the instructions I followed:

  3. Such a beautiful table! I love the bottles and pine cones.