A Crafty Christmas in The White House

December 13, 2010

More on holiday decorating - White House style! Each year I wait in anticipation to see America's most important house all decked out. For this year's theme the first lady picked "Simple Gifts", which I think is very fitting and a great reminder to us all that our most treasured blessings don't cost a thing. White House decor will always be glamorous and somewhat traditional. It's the emphasis on more crafty, creative, and eco-friendly touches that make this year's theme so enchanting and somewhat modern. The green room has to be my favorite of all this year. In keeping with its "green living and creativity" theme, it sparkles with just the right touch of opulence.

The Green Room
Rolls of old newspaper painted and sprinkled with gold glitter. The result is an eco-chic tree that can still keep up with the room's stately appearance.


 More crafty trees as accent decor in the green room:

The East Room
I also love this year's range of colors! Peacock colors were used in the East Room, the largest room in the White House. Teal, navy, orange, plum and bronze ribbons and ornaments adorn the room's 4 trees - all topped with custom designed peacocks by James Lutke.

More faves:
The east colonnade wreaths made from dried fruits, artichokes and gourds
The library tree in classic red and green, paying tribute to the "gift of stories"
And of course, the official White House Tree in the Blue room, honoring county and state fairs. Blue ribbons adorn the 18-foot tree.

Photos: Marty Katz, hgtv.com


  1. I love this! can you tell me how the big paper tree paper rolls were bound?

  2. Isn't it beautiful!? I am guessing they were rolled and glued. Then after decorating them with gold paint and glitter, they were glued to a wire or cardboard tree form (large cone) from the bottom up.

  3. I was wondering after I saw the HGTV special and your photo's, how I can make this rolled paper tree. However, the directions are no where to be found. Do you have any ideas of who to ask or where else to look?

  4. The rolled tree is wonderful. After seeing the HGTV special and seeing the photo's again I am more determined to re-create the master piece. However, the direction are non-existent. Do you have any idea of who or where to go ask for direction? Desperate...

  5. Hi Wendy! The white house decor was created by teams of volunteers throughout the US, all under the direction of a talented design team. I am guessing that the official white house decorator MIchael Smith, and the official white house florist Laura Dowling had a hand in the decor. By looking at the photos, it looks like a simple configuration of cones. One large cone as the base, then smaller ones all glued on starting from the bottom and working them all around and to the top.