Decorating a Chic Halloween FĂȘte

October 29, 2010

I have never been big on Halloween decor - now costumes, that's a different story. All  my energy this time of the year goes into sewing and crafting my little one's accoutre. However, I have been itching to decorate a chic Halloween bash. When my friend Jackie asked if I could spruce up the Nuit Blanche penthouse suite for her big 3-0 birthday "Masquerade Fete" - I jumped on the opportunity. We've all seen the spooky and scary,  so we wanted to add a dash of elegance and style into this affair. I'm always up for a challenge. Nothing excites me more than the thrill of the hunt for bargains and experimenting with new ideas. So when Jackie mentioned we had a petite budget challenge, that got my mind spinning. Here's a sneak peek into what I created!

I made sparkly spooky spiders out of chenille stems. Super easy and fast!

Nuit Blanche's owner Michele was so intrigued by them, he gave it a shot after a quick crafting lesson and had so much fun!

I decorated the candy bar with "trees" adorned with vintage frames, masks, and candles. Candies and goodies filled the apothecary jars. Then I added some glittery skulls, black crows, and more creepy crawlies. 

Centerpieces of my ribbon flowers in velvet, satin, and feathers on top of vintage trays, with some candle lamps, more creepy crawly spiders, and some custom prints announcing the drink of the night: The Jackie-Lantern.

Ready for a FUNtastic and Chic Halloween/Birthday bash!

P.S. - Photos all taken with my iPhone's cam! Gotta love it!

Entertaining With Zara

October 24, 2010

When it comes to entertaining, I enjoy setting the table with special little details and unique accessories. I don't get to host parties that often, but I have amassed a collection of tableware, vases, and decor that are eager to make it's way to the dining room table. What makes a gathering special are those thoughtful touches and beautiful items that complement the occasion and food. I like dressing up a party just like I  dress myself up - start with a classic and clean base with practical ware, add a few personal and unique accessories, and add a dash of the unexpected. One my favorite bargain fashion brands, ZARA - has an equally stylish home line that I ADORE. I love their range of chic designer tableware and accessories. Here are just a few of my favorite items from their collection that I'd love to combine for an intimate gathering - Thanksgiving or Christmas perhaps?

My New Craft: Ribbon Flowers

October 19, 2010

I'm always on the hunt for crafty projects to keep my fingers moving and my imagination spinning. Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I've been experimenting with found objects around the house. My latest fun project? Creating ribbon flowers and bouquets out of recycled ribbons! I have a huge box of ribbons from gifts we've received over the years and what better way to put them to use! 

I've gotten so much amazing feedback from brides-to-be that I've decided to offer these crafty bouquets in my online store (i'll post about this soon) and for special order. Aside from being a great green alternative to the traditional fresh flower bouquet, they make sweet lasting gifts to bridesmaids and mothers. They're also beautiful as a toss bouquet, centerpiece, corsage, buttonhole, seasonal decor, accents on gifts, children's birthday and shower favors and decor- the sky's the limit! I've come up with a way to create these fun bouquets without the use of glue or chemicals for a more "green" product. Everything is tied and bound using ribbon and wire, which are both easily recycled. The beauty lies in the fact that the color options are endless! They can be personalized with jewelry pieces, old ribbons or lace from a mother's wedding dress, or accented with fun and dramatic items like feathers.

Here's a sample mini bouquet I created that features gray grosgrain and olive satin spray roses, mauve cabbage roses, and large fluffy carnations accented with velvet leaves, silver berries, and white feathers. The velvet leaves and silver berries are recycled from past christmas decor and all the ribbons were from gifts we've received. 

And here is how lovely it looks as a centerpiece arrangement in a glass mercury vase!

For orders and information, please email me at

Inspiration: The Today Show Wedding Details

October 13, 2010

I am a huge fan of the Today Show! I've been watching it religiously since I was 13 - thousands of miles away in the Philippines via cable tv. My favorite feature in the show is their yearly wedding giveaway. I've seen all their weddings and I must say that Jeremy and Melissa's 2010 celebration is by far my personal favorite.

This year's "modern love" theme was perfectly executed by THE celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie. Need I say more!? I adore Colin Cowie - he is the king of wedding chic. The details were chosen by us viewers, yet everything coordinated perfectly and effortlessly. The vibe was urban, lush, and romantic. There was an understated glamour in the details, nothing over-the-top or fussy. Lavender roses, phalaenopsis orchids, and white hydrangeas adorned the Today Show plaza for the ceremony. The reception took place at the Hudson Terrace, which was set up with modern banquet-style tables topped off with linen table cloths. A neutral palette of beige, white, and taupe was accented with hints of lavender. Centerpieces of white hydrangea, phalaenopsis orchids, and calla lily in black glass vases lined the tables.

The bride, Melissa looked stunning in her champagne lace Paloma Blanca gown, however I had my eye on the bridesmaid's dresses. Their Bari Jay goddess-inspired dresses in the lavender-gray hue were to-die-for! Needless to say, that went straight into my own future wedding's inspiration folder. Jeremy, the groom changed from his military dress into a clean white Kenneth Cole tux for the reception - dashing! The bouquets - so simple and elegant! The bride carried an all-white bouquet of hydrangeas topped with "floating" phalaenopsis orchids. The Bridesmaids carried cascading bouquets of lavender phalaenopsis orchids, which were gently cradled in their arms during the walk down the aisle. 

Here are some of the shots taken by Denis Reggie for Bella Pictures:

Photos: Denis Reggie for Bella Pictures

Segolene and Ralph by Bella pictures

Just in! Sego and Ralph's wedding captured by Bella Pictures. For all the engaged couples out there - I highly recommend their photography services. They have amazingly affordable packages and a talented team certified by world-renowned photojournalist Denis Reggie. Bella pictures and Denis Reggie just recently photographed this year's Today Show Wedding,  (which I absolutely cannot get enough of and will have to share in my next post).

The flowers I provided were a big step away from my comfort zone in terms of color. Red is not a color I use often. I just noticed that I own only ONE red item in my closet - a vintage red Calvin Klein dress (which I ended up wearing to this wedding!).  I enjoyed the challenge of working with red, and embraced Sego and Ralph's traditional and modern tastes. I am constantly learning and breaking free from the usual through my clients. This is the great thing about being a designer - I get to practice how to listen, explore, resolve, create and conquer on a daily basis. The effect of adapting to new situations and breaking free from the usual is quite evident in my freshly polished crimson colored nails!