Dress Inspired Bouquet {Part 1}

April 29, 2011

The lovely ladies over at Style Unveiled rounded up a handful of floral designers across the country with a fun wedding project - create a bridal bouquet inspired by a wedding dress. I was thrilled beyond words to have been asked to submit my own creation! They let us pick a gown from their lineup, which was probably the hardest part. Every gown was to-die-for! 

I ended up selecting this gorgeous Burnished Organza Gown by Fleur Wood for BHLDN.  It was the most unique in my book, and for some reason just called out to me. I love the tiered lacy ruffles and the gilded accent on the bust line. For those of you that aren't familiar with BHLDN - this is the wedding line of Anthropologie. Needless to say, they have an amazing vintage-inspired collection of gowns, shoes, lingerie and accessories.

I'll be posting the bouquet photos as soon as the Style Unveiled feature is up. You'll probably be busy swooning over this gown till then!

Chic Crafts: Antique Silvered Vase

April 27, 2011

I'm a huge crafter - no doubt about it. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and discovering how to create things myself. There's a thrill in DIY projects that can't compare to purchasing something already made. I like being able to say "I made that!".

My latest project left me speechless. It turned out AH-mazing! For one of my upcoming weddings, I placed a HUGE order in for some vintage-inspired vases. However, my wholesale supplier has been back-ordered, and the shipment wasn't guaranteed to arrive on time. I decided to take matters into my own hands and MAKE them myself. Antiqued mirrored or silvered vases can be pretty pricey. And considering I need a huge lot- they could have cost me more than the entire fee I charged my client for their floral arrangements. I've seen a lot of DIY instructions for these vintage mercury/silvered/mirrored vases. I tweaked the Martha Stewart DIY instructions found here. Instead of using the  mirror paint, I used 3 different shades (gold, chrome, black) of metallic paint from Krylon and did a lot of dabbing with a damp cloth to get the right effect.

This is what I started with:
Simple footed glass vase

And here is my finished product:
Antique Silvered/Mirrored vases! I was so excited I picked up one of my glass goblets and gave it the same makeover! They turned out to be great repro antiques. I have a lot more to make, but this sure is an amazing and fun project!

A Spring {Baby} Shower

April 22, 2011

Cristina, a jet-setting friend of mine recently asked me to help her design her sister Mia's baby shower. I jumped on the chance and was extremely delighted to be able to welcome the little bundle of joy and celebrate his sweet mommy. We had about a week to completely prepare since Cristina splits her time between SF and Vancouver. They had a vision of bears, blue, green, yellow, stripes, dots, and a sweet preppy look. To get the ball rolling I came up with a "Bubbles & Bow ties" concept for little "Coco Bear"( a sweet nickname they gave the little one). 

I baked some cupcakes and made little ribbon "flaggies" as toppers. To tie everything together I created a logo and used it for the bubble bottles and other details. Instead of "party hats" we're giving each guest a bow tie to adorn themselves with. What better way to get them into the spirit? For the flowers, I opted to do something a little different and veered away from stuffy and traditional. This is a fun and light affair and I wanted to play up the "bubbles" by incorporating them into the arrangement. I stacked bubble vases and used beautiful large fresh mums.

Vintage Finds: White + Gold Vase

April 07, 2011

A few weeks ago I snagged this gorgeous vase at my local thrift shop. Another little hidden treasure buried under rubble! White glass with gold accents - it had my name written all over it.  It's my favorite find so far ( in terms of vases). I also scored a huge find during that trip - will post about that soon, it's currently being cleaned and whipped into shape. 

Happy Thrifty Thursday!