Chic Crafts: Antique Silvered Vase

April 27, 2011

I'm a huge crafter - no doubt about it. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and discovering how to create things myself. There's a thrill in DIY projects that can't compare to purchasing something already made. I like being able to say "I made that!".

My latest project left me speechless. It turned out AH-mazing! For one of my upcoming weddings, I placed a HUGE order in for some vintage-inspired vases. However, my wholesale supplier has been back-ordered, and the shipment wasn't guaranteed to arrive on time. I decided to take matters into my own hands and MAKE them myself. Antiqued mirrored or silvered vases can be pretty pricey. And considering I need a huge lot- they could have cost me more than the entire fee I charged my client for their floral arrangements. I've seen a lot of DIY instructions for these vintage mercury/silvered/mirrored vases. I tweaked the Martha Stewart DIY instructions found here. Instead of using the  mirror paint, I used 3 different shades (gold, chrome, black) of metallic paint from Krylon and did a lot of dabbing with a damp cloth to get the right effect.

This is what I started with:
Simple footed glass vase

And here is my finished product:
Antique Silvered/Mirrored vases! I was so excited I picked up one of my glass goblets and gave it the same makeover! They turned out to be great repro antiques. I have a lot more to make, but this sure is an amazing and fun project!


  1. They're absolutely lovely! What a fantastic job!

  2. Wow. Those look awesome. You are awesome.

  3. They look fabulous! I am making these for my wedding centerpieces as well. Are they waterproof? I haven't gotten that fat yet :)

  4. Hi , I am trying to make these vases and I can't seem to get the gold and black to come out. Im doing everything right per the instructions. Can you go into a little pmbit of detail on how to get this look?

  5. Hi Mishell. Unfortunately they aren't waterproof inside. I typically use plastic liners if I use them for flowers.

  6. Hi AdryN! Did you spray water on the inside of the glass? The water droplets leave areas "unpainted" that can easily be dabbed off. They turn out like irregular holes, and after the metallic layer is dry, I dab the black paint on those exposed areas.

  7. Hi Therese! I used the chrome just as you did, I sprayed the inside , yet it gave me a very dull look, I just looked grey. However, I did spay the outside of the vase (is that not correct?) and it gave me the the chrome look like your pictures. Also, Ive read some people use just water and some use 50/50 vinegar/water. I also see that some people spay water before spray painting, some spray water after painting, which method worked better for you?

    Thanks for getting back to me!