Spring Inspiration: Sneak Peek

January 23, 2011

I got in touch with Laurel from Esla Events and we partnered up to produce this spring inspiration shoot. Our theme: Love in Watercolor. Our goal was to create something unique and fresh. We were getting a little tired of the vintage themes that have been popping up everywhere. The idea was to create an urban romantic look that was light, colorful, and dreamy.

Image courtesy of Esla Events

I thought of "watercolors" when I saw my little Natalie's abstract artwork. After tossing a few ideas around with Laurel, she put this inspiration board together and we got to work on all the design details. We were trying to go for a versatile look that would look great as an engagement party or an actual wedding reception. 
The ideas flowed like crazy! We got a huge canvas and painted some watercolor accents on it, which served as the table cloth. I've been itching to use those super stylish ghost chairs, so when the furniture rental company gave us the go signal, it spearheaded the use of more clear accents. For the flowers, I went with my favorite lush and romantic blooms - English garden roses (aka cabbage roses) in modern square vases. Laurel created pretty custom "brush stroke" print details and lots of cute props and signs. She crafted the entire custom cocktail bar, which included a memorable trip to Home Depot and a few hours of sawing in the back yard. 

We were so lucky to gather a great team! Blueprint Studio Collection provided the furniture, and we couldn't be happier with their generosity and great service! Victoria Toda did a fabulous job on our debut models' hair and makeup. My dear friends John and Julie Pellegrini were naturals in front of the camera. We're eagerly waiting for photos from the super talented Rizza San Agustin of RizzaRiz Photography. In the meantime, here are some photos I took during the shoot.

More Love In Watercolor:

Concept development, design and styling: 
Esla Events | Planning + Design and Therese Jacinto Design
Floral Design: Therese Jacinto Design
Furniture Rentals: Blueprint Studio Collection
Menu Development: Chef Jen Gerodias Slagle
Hair and Makeup: Victoria Toda
Photography: Rizza San Agustin
Models: John and Julie Pellegrini
Location: San Francisco, Private Residence

Spring Inspiration: Behind The Scenes

I've been busy with a few projects up my sleeve! Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from yesterday's spring inspiration shoot. I partnered up with Laurel from Esla Events on this project, and I can't tell you how amazing she is and what a great team we make!

The shoot was held at a private residence in San Francisco. We were just getting all the furniture in. That's the deck area where we set up the dinner table.

My good friend Victoria Toda did the hair and makeup!

That's me setting up the dinner table. And that's fearless Laurel setting up the fabric accents.
Photographer Rizza San Agustin doing her thing!

More Love In Watercolor:

Our Crew:
Concept development, design and styling: Esla Events | Planning + Design and Therese Jacinto Design
Floral Design: Therese Jacinto Design
Furniture Rentals: Blueprint Studio Collection
Menu Development: Chef Jen Gerodias Slagle
Hair and Makeup: Victoria Toda
Photography: Rizza San Agustin
Models: John and Julie Pellegrini
Location: San Francisco, Private Residence

Photos: Laurel Anderson

The World's Smallest Post Service

January 17, 2011

I recently met Lea Redmond - crafter extraordinaire. She's the creative genius behind the World's Smallest Post Service and owns Leafcutter Designs - a great little company based in Berkeley. Lea creates tiny packages as invitations that are such a wonderful treat to give and receive. Her miniature boxes and envelopes even come with its own magnifying lens. Anyone looking for a truly unique and fun save-the-date  or invitation would love this. Wouldn't this be perfect for a baby shower invite?! You can contact her for a custom order, and view her samples here.

All images taken by Therese Jacinto

The White Wedding

A glimpse into my dream wedding! Here it is, the epitome of the chic white wedding. I dropped by the wedding fair at the Four Seasons yesterday and left insanely inspired by this wonderfully produced table by our friends at Hartmann. Needless to say, you can expect to see a blog post with my own version of this gorgeous flower wall. Hartmann is one of the best and biggest event lighting and furniture rental companies here in the Bay Area. Their catalog is impressive and is a wonderful resource. They can turn any designer's vision into reality with the amazing selection of items and custom lighting options.

An all-white wedding is nothing new. A lot of brides want that clean, classic, and elegant look. I'm often asked how to successfully pull off this serene scheme without the blah-effect. Here's the perfect example, and I'll break down the elements for you:

1. Lots of texture. By adding a lot of different elements (soft, pattern, solid, hard, fuzzy, light, shiny, round, square,etc.) in the same color you work the eye into a frenzy and create movement.
2. Layers. Using chargers, artfully placing a napkin under a bowl, adding some flowers on a goblet, and creating a centerpiece with high and low elements creates layers that add more dimension. Using mis-matched items, or mixing vintage and modern elements creates layers and lots of interest.
3. Create focal points. The spectacular flower wall by the table draws the eye through the table and up towards a focal point, creating interest. One or two of these focal points throughout a space helps define areas and break up the monotony of the color scheme.
4. Use the unexpected. The white lacquered table doesn't have a table cloth. It doesn't even have a runner or place mats. But, it works. By showcasing the table's details and features, you're emphasizing more texture and scale . This table combined with the sculptural chairs  create a wonderfully relaxed look that counteracts the formality of the all-white scheme.
5. Great lighting. I can't stress enough how important lighting is at an event or in a home. You can have the most amazing layout and furniture pieces, but without great lighting options - it could end up looking dull. Highlight focal points and create interesting shadows.
6. Last but not the least, don't forget the floors! This set-up looks so perfect because everything - including the floor is white. You have to think about how your vision will look from bottom to top, and anything in between. Can you imagine what this would look with bright red carpeting?

All images taken by Therese Jacinto

In With The New: Organized Office (II)

January 13, 2011

I am basically a one-woman show.  I wear many hats and feel like I magically grow an extra set of arms at times. I have some wonderful helpers during installations and events when I need them, but all of the design and office work is done by me from my home, in my little corner of an office. It's connected to my "studio" where I get my hands dirty creating flower arrangements and craft projects.  My work space is teeny tiny, a small spot near my kitchen and dining room that is generously bathed in sunlight for most of the day. You've seen the photos of my little nook. It's all-white and clean for a reason. As a designer I need a blank canvas to be able to think freely and without any distractions. I've given it a little update for the new year- some practical and clever organization elements that have maximized every square inch.

Scored a new chair that was an absolute bargain! Vintage French inspired with natural linen upholstery, double welt detail,  caned back and a gorgeous weathered finish. A great accent to my modern white table - and super comfy!

The best way to utilize a small space is to use vertical space-the walls. I created some panels covered in a beautiful cream moire fabric, which will serve as my inspiration boards for pinning up tear sheets,  samples and other items. They're sitting on the ledges above my table. I decided not to fasten them to the wall so I could take them with me during client presentations.

I transformed an old set of drawers into a printer caddy that tucks away underneath my desk. Love how the printer blends seamlessly into the office.

Binders are all-white and labeled neatly. Anyone that's gone to school with me will recognize them- I am using the exact same binders I used, updated with new labels. I had a whole wall of them, one for each of my classes all labeled in a similar way. My drawers have clever fittings, like this ribbon holder that holds them neatly in place while allowing me quick access.

Always need family photos for inspiration! Personalizing a space always makes it more inviting.

Now, back to work! :)

In With The New: Organized Office

January 09, 2011

A peek into  my office

Anything new is always exciting to me. I get the same joy out of starting a new year as I do when I shop for a new pair of shoes, come across a great deal on a vintage vase,  discover a new hobby,  meet a new client, or try out a new shade of lip gloss. There's just something about the "newness" of things - the possibilities, the anticipation, the power you have to make it uniquely your own. The best part about a new year is making it better than the last. 

Before I tackle anything on my to-do list and get the year rolling, I always take the time to organize my space and start fresh. I am not one who thrives in chaos. The trash is gone, unused items have been donated, and my plan of attack is in place. It's time to shop! First on my shopping list- lots of new chic organization solutions, gadgets, and decor for my office:

More of West Elm's Lacquer Office Accessories - a must for any chic workspace

Pretty office accessories from Russell+Hazel

A great new home office armoire for my hubby like
 this one from Williams-Sonoma Home

More plastic boxes for craft essentials from The Container Store
File folders from The Container Store

More magazine files from See Jane Work

Already purchased and LOVING it - the new office all-in-one printer: 
Epson Artisan 725 Arctic Edition

Modern prints from Made By Girl