Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has been amazing, to say the least. I have so many things to be thankful for and feel so inspired!

We're about to sit down and enjoy an early dinner for our second Thanksgiving celebration this week- this time with family. I make the turkey every year, along with the gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes. I'm not much of a gourmet cook, but I tend do go all-out during the holidays (I've been in the kitchen since Tuesday).

Decided to switch things up for this setting and go a little bit more traditional with the fall colors, but kept things extra informal (we tend to spend more time in the living room watching old movies or playing board games). I eliminated the runners and exposed our white lacquer table. Added a bunch of dried maple leaves and some broom corn for a contemporary harvest-inspired centerpiece. 

I hope you are having a wonderful day spending quality time with your loved ones! THANK YOU so much for dropping by and reading my little blog. :)

Style File: Isabel Marant for H&M

November 22, 2013

I picked up a handful of amazing buys at the Isabel Marant for HM launch. On the top of my list was this blazer - even more gorgeous in person! Love the silk lapel, over sized cut and the weight of the material. The grosgrain ribbon adds a feminine touch to this tuxedo style, but I opted to tie it up in the back with this outfit to give it a more casual vibe.  I'm also wearing the white linen tee from the collection - such a great closet staple. This is my go-to classic "casual" look, made a bit more edgy with the deconstructed Rag and Bone denim and my fave pair of peep-toe heels.

Thanks so much for dropping by! Have a fab weekend :)

Blazer and Tee : Isabel Marant pour HM  //  Jeans: Rag and Bone (shopbop exclusive)  //  Heels: Alexander Wang  //  Purse: Celine


A Modern Organic Thanksgiving Table

November 20, 2013

When it comes to holiday decor, it is so easy to go overboard with the glitter and fluff. Not that there's anything wrong with that- I love me a good sparkly setting. Lately I've been into veering away from tradition. Practicing restraint in design is a good  challenge. Our style is simple, modern, yet cozy. Discovering ways to decorate our home during this time of the year becomes tricky when almost everything out there seems to scream "more is more".  I keep three things in mind when I'm pulling a look together - it always has to be 1. unique, and 2. easy, and 3. practical without sacrificing style. I aim for settings that don't require too much time or effort and can be repurposed throughout the year. My goal is always to evoke a mood through a mix of thoughtful details and unexpected elements. I put myself in the guests shoes and think....what will he or she be  expecting at a Thanksgiving table? (Then I try to do exactly the opposite)....What will surely wow them or make them feel special? I maintain our simple aesthetic yet do something completely different each year, and this table is my favorite so far.

I strayed from traditional elements like the maple leaves, pumpkins, and typical foliage. I wanted it to be clean, fresh, organic yet still inviting. When you think modern, it can give off a stark cold vibe. To warm things up and add a hint of the fall season I used a variety of textures and organic elements mixed with a touch of gold (just enough to add some holiday sparkle). 

Breaking Down the Elements:

1. I always aim to keep things practical and budget-friendly by incorporating affordable pieces from thrift stores like the simple matte stoneware plates and woven chargers. The gold flatware was my tabletop investment last year. I got them on sale from West Elm - they're great for everyday use but totally dress up any table. They're like the LBD of flatware!

2. Sculptural geometric vases topped off with air plants and glass terrariums filled with succulents lend a fresh take on traditional floral decor - and not to mention can be re-used all year round. They are extremely budget and environmentally friendly and would make great favors for your guests. I also added a vase filled with eucalyptus pods - our place smells soooo good. No flowers you ask? I decided they tend to add a lot of fluff and sticking to botanicals was better for the look I wanted to achieve.

3. The deer antler is the perfect example of sustainable decor (they naturally shed and no animals are harmed in the process). It adds organic movement, shape and a bit of drama. 

4. The table runners were a Homegoods find. I like the idea of not covering up the entire table with a table cloth - makes things feel less formal. 

5.To play up the cozy feel of our dining area, I added large throw pillows on our banquette and a sheepskin throw on a couple of chairs. 

6. Instead of place cards, and to add a graphic punch to the setting, I used simple letter press "thank you" cards I had stashed in my stationery box. Slipped the napkins inside them and topped the setting off with an air plant. I plan on writing a special note inside for each guest. Simple yet makes a thoughtful statement. This one detail totally transforms the table. 

To make this whole set-up even more practical, I'll be re-styling this same table for our Christmas gathering. I enjoy making our holiday decor for both Thanksgiving and Christmas cohesive each year. I'll simply switch out a few elements and add some festive accents. Repurposing vintage and recycled goods is my favorite way of adding character. I like mixing up our family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, and thrifted knick knacks with my own more modern pieces. There's no need to have a ton of decor on hand or to buy all-new items to create table settings for each occasion. A few details here and there can turn a whole look around.

I hope this inspires you to create your own simple, crafty yet sophisticated table for the upcoming holidays! Thanks for dropping by.

Styling and Photography: Therese Jacinto  //  Table runners: Homegoods  //  Woven Chargers: Thrifted  //  Plates: Thrifted  // Napkins: CB2  //  Flatware: West Elm  //  Terrariums: Urban Outfitters  //  Geometric Vases: Dwell Studio  //  Sheepskin throw: Ikea  // Goblets: Marshalls  //  Thank you cards: Hallmark (via walmart)  // Botanicals:  SF Flower Mart


Style File: Sweaters and Sweatpants

November 19, 2013

It's been two weeks since my last outfit post! One of the longest lags since I started posting. If you read my previous post you'd know that I hit the pause button for a bit in lieu of the typhoon tragedy in the Philippines. Please take the time to read the post if you haven't (specially if you're a blogger or need ideas on how to help the relief efforts).

I've been living in sweaters and sweatpants lately - blame it on the cozy fall weather! I'm thankful to live in this day and age where we can step out in comfort yet still look appropriately chic. I picked up these Isabel Marant for HM sweatpants from the boy's section. I love the fit and feel - and it was almost half the price of the women's version. Definitely one of my favorite shopping tips is to hit up the boys and men's collections. This Gap sweater I picked up over a year ago has gotten so much wear - I've worn it through almost every season (probably only possible here in the Bay). 

New hair. Ahhh yes, I went ahead and took the plunge. I've gone S'Ombre (aka subtle ombre). Thoughts? Been contemplating for months, and finally decided to give it a shot. It's basically a gradual ombre using partial highlights instead of full on color. The effect is less harsh than ombre - a more blended gradation between the tones. I've always stayed so safe with my hair color and kept things natural. There are times I love it. Times I don't. I feel like my hair is so fried right now. Found a great mask to alleviate that problem, and will probably share more about it after a couple more weeks. If you have any recommendations for conditioners/masks for color treated hair - please leave a note!

And yes - that is my little Celine Trio covered in raindrops. Of course, the one time I don't look up the weather forecast is the day it rains. Had I known, I would've switched out the heels for boots and grabbed a parka to go with this ensemble.

Sweater: Gap  //  Sweatpants: Isabel Marant Pour HM  //  Shoes: Alexander Wang  //  Purse: Celine

Hope you are having a great week so far! 

** Don't forget to check out my Poshmark (free app - sell and shop the closets of ladies throughout America) . My closet is @Brass_and_linen - all proceeds of sales this month will be donated to the Red Cross, for the Philippine typhoon relief efforts.


Thoughts: Blogging Through Tragedy

So much has happened in the past two weeks- I took a little time, paused for a bit and focused my energy on some important things. After the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines, I felt it wasn't appropriate to take photos and write about what clothes I'm currently wearing while most people don't even have a roof over their heads or food to eat. Even before this tragic natural disaster occurred, something I'd constantly ask myself is - what am I doing posting photos of myself and things that are surely luxuries to others?

I was raised to be modest, humble, kind, generous, hardworking and loving. I went to an all-girls Catholic school from preschool all the way through high school. I only now realize how much of an impact that's made in me. I'm constantly judging my actions. Is this right? Who can benefit from this? Will I be hurting anyone in the process? Etc. There is this sense of guilt I have each time I post a photo or write about something I'm coveting. Am I being materialistic? Is this considered flaunting?

I had a nice long chat with a couple of friends of mine about this. I'm thankful for them and the wisdom they had to share about this whole other world we call blogging and social media. The answers to all of those questions I have really lie within my own intentions. What people perceive is their own opinion,  what's important is that my heart and mind are set in the right place. This is a hobby of mine that I enjoy and I get to exercise my talents with it. This blog is only a small part of what I like to do - it is not a reflection of who I am. We now live within a society that also exists in our phones, computers, and other gadgets. There is a constant exchange of ideas and information - including what we eat, what we wear, and what we buy. There is nothing wrong with all that unless we let it define who we are.

I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone with these thoughts. Yes, there are so many people who are hurting or in desperate situations out there. We can pray, we can offer help, we can go out of our way to make a difference, and we can be sensitive. But that doesn't mean we should give up the things that keep us inspired and motivated. Sharing and influencing creativity is just as important as any other profession. Maybe the best way to contribute to society is to do what you do and do it the best way possible. Somewhere out there in the Philippines, a family is now receiving food and care given to them by the US government. Food and care paid for by hard earned tax dollars. Tax dollars paid perhaps by a blogger's income.

I applaud every single person that's contributed to the relief efforts in my homeland. Thank you for your selfless donations, hours of work, sacrifice and continued prayer. To my fellow bloggers that, just like me - are questioning if what we do is enough........ Set your heart in the right place, do what you do, and do it the best way possible. That's the best way we can help. You're not less of a person for not denouncing your personal belongings and flying across the world to help out. Don't beat yourself up for not setting up a charity on behalf of the victims. There are some people that seem to be helping out yet their intentions are really elsewhere. I say mind your own, stop comparing what you do, what you have, and what you give to others. Blog on and use your voice to reach more helping hands! And remember - just a little bit here and there helps a lot.

If you're thinking of ways to help - here are a few things my family, friends, and I are arranging to raise funds:

1. A friendsgiving for others - We will be filling up a few boxes of canned food to send to the Philippines during our annual thanksgiving dinner.
2. I'll be donating the November proceeds from my Poshmark closet (download the app- it's free) to the Philippine Red Cross. 
3. Donate to one of the following:
Set your heart in the right place. Do what you do. Do it the best way possible.

Lots of love! -Therese

Currently Coveting: Isabel Marant Pour H&M

November 13, 2013

I've had November 14 marked in my calendar since spring! Tomorrow marks the launch of H&M's collab with Isabel Marant. She's responsible for the sneaker wedge trend and that whole Parisian laid-back-cool, rock n' roll-boho-chic aesthetic. Her mix is all about comfort, practicality and just enough edge. That's everything I pretty much want in an ensemble. What's great is that there is just enough in this collection to cater to almost any one's personal style. Whether you're into boho, glam, vintage, grunge... or even more like me (a minimalist) - there is surely something you will end up picking up! I am specially loving the gold dress, the wool blazer, her sweatshirts and tees.

Here are my top picks from the collection:


(Last sweater is from the boy's collection)

What I truly appreciate is how they didn't skimp on materials. Real silk, wool, and leather are used and the quality is apparent. I'm planning on hitting up the San Francisco store on Powell at the crack of dawn with my friend Caitlin. This will be my first time lining up for an H&M collab. The only other time I've lined up in the mercy of fashion was for a free pair of Jimmy Choos, but I'll save that for another post!  Wish us luck!!!

Are there any pieces you're eyeing from the collection?

Isabel Marant Pour H&M launches tomorrow, November 14 at 8am in select stores, and 12 noon EST online.

Currently Coveting: Pointed Toe Booties

November 07, 2013

Aldo Booties
I have been on a crazy hunt for black pointed toe booties with either a chunky or wedge heel for a while now. I'm looking for something that's minimalist, edgy yet comfortable to wear throughout the day. Narrowed my options down to the ones below. Either of these babies would be great paired with skirts or trousers with a relaxed chunky sweater! I am leaning towards Aldo's Pofadder (pictured above, Aldo strikes again) - the price is just unbeatable, and I love the zipper detail. Have you spotted any great booties lately?