Pardon the creases and folds! We just got this in - took me a few months, but I was able to get the hubby on board with a cowhide rug for our dining nook! It's what I originally wanted, but had no luck in getting him to even consider it at first. For a month or two we were living with this rug- which we absolutely love and will just save for another room. But after constantly staring at the space, I just knew an irregular shaped cowhide would work so much better. Since the area is tiny, a traditional rectangular one emphasizes it by defining and creating a boundary. 

We love having a rug in the nook because it adds a lot of warmth (crucial when you live in the foggiest part of this city). There are no shoes allowed in here, so we like having comfortable and cozy accents in places we spend a lot of time in. The hubby finally gave in after a lot of convincing and we agreed on trying one out to see how he felt. Thankfully, he doesn't hate it. And that's good enough! He usually lets me do what I want and trusts me when it comes to design and our home (um, he should!!). However, it wouldn't be our home if I completely took over and called all the shots. ;)


I did a lot of hunting, and this is the best priced light colored cowhide out there (other options with the same quality range from $500 - $1,200!). Apparently the lighter ones are in demand and harder to come by so they're a lot pricier than the blacks and browns. If you plan on purchasing this or something similar, note that each rug is totally unique since they're real hide. Cowhide is actually a pretty practical rug. With proper care, they can last a life time and are naturally stain resistant. I really love how it looks in the space!   **Don't forget to sign up for their World Explorer rewards program to get 10% off your order!

View the before photos here, and a DIY post on the chandelier here

Thanks for dropping by! :)