Nude Skincare // Cuyana

September 28, 2014

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of previewing NUDE Skincare's fabulous new products. We learned a lot about the company and it's philosophy: simple, natural skincare rooted in nutrition. It was only fitting that Cuyana co-hosted the affair, showcasing their stunning fall collection (need everything). I'm extremely impressed with these two local brands and a huge fan of their core and mission. Fashion and beauty have come together to highlight "a life of inspired simplicity" and celebrating fewer, better things. 

I have been using NUDE Purify Deep Cleansing Mask, Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder wash, and Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly for the past four days along side my other all-natural necessities (like a new fave: Josie Maran's Daily Argan Oil moisturizer with SPF ). Not only has my skin been so soft and smooth, it looks much healthier. Redness around my nose has significantly decreased, and the irritation caused by a previous moisturizer (loaded with chemical SPF) has also subsided. My skin literally glows. Natalie commented yesterday "Mom, why is your face so soft and smooth!?" I'm really excited to check out more items from NUDE Skincare's line. This is the first time I've felt and seen a significant change in my skin's health with an all-natural regimen. Powerful and natural can co-exist! Each product feels extremely luxurious and smells amazing. My morning and evening skincare ritual feels like an indulgent spa treatment, and it's something I look forward to. As a busy mom, it's a much needed daily dose of ahhhh.

To celebrate Cuyana and NUDE Skincare's philosophy of "Fewer, Better, Beauty", they are co-hosting an Instagram contest to reward their fans:

For a chance to win, upload an original Instagram image of what "fewer, better, beauty" means to you. Follow @cuyana and @nudeskincare and use the hashtag #fewerbetterbeauty. The contest runs until October 12th, 2014. Three winners will be selected and announced on Monday October 27th, 2014. Winning entries will win a travel case set in lilac and a selection of new NUDE Skincare products.

Good luck!! Thanks for dropping by.

Products in this post were provided by Cuyana and NUDE Skincare. Photos and opinions are my own.


Barre Class with Lucy Activewear

September 11, 2014

Thanks to Lucy Activewear for these amazing new flexibility leggings! They are a modern take on the traditional dance pant. These along with their perfect core style are my new must-haves. I'll surely be stocking up on them. They are unbelievably comfortable, not too thin or too thick and they suck you in and shape your legs like nothing else. I wore them all day running errands (styled with flat booties and an over sized jacket), and took them straight into the studio.

To celebrate Avant-Barre's new studio, we invited a  handful of SF's bloggers and editors for a fun night at the Barre with some sips and a trial class with Nini. I'm anticipating a painful start to my morning tomorrow because every muscle in my body has been thoroughly worked and stretched! Ever since I was little, exercise has been a big part of my daily routine - swimming, walking, biking, cheer leading....ballet. I've continued trying to be active and eat well throughout the years. Once I reached my late twenties however, I realized that my body was changing and what used to work for me, didn't cut it anymore. I'm now finding that I need to push extra hard and challenge my body in different ways. In an ideal week, I mix up a hilly 4-mile power walk session with barre workouts and once in a while, a trip to Bikram yoga. Again, that would be an ideal week. Life gets in the way sometimes. I constantly have to remind myself that I can say no to certain things so that I can make time for me. Nothing is more important than my family's health and happiness. By taking care of myself, I am better able to give them 100% of my time and love. So I'm going to learn how to better say no - those dirty dishes can wait until my workout is over. Thanks to Avant-Barre, I'm inspired to get back on track with my fitness goals and looking forward to making more of a conscious effort to get back into my best shape. If you're looking for an effective, modern workout that sculpts long and lean dancer bodies, this is the one for you.  Read on for a chance to try it for free!

More photos from the Avant Barre Bash from photographer JJ Casas:

Don't forget about our giveaway! If you live in the SF Bay Area and want a chance to try out this awesome workout with the most fun and fab group of instructors........We are giving one lucky reader two free weeks of classes at Avant-Barre. All you need to do is:

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The winner will randomly be chosen and announced on September 30. 

** Special thanks to JJ Casas of 845a Photography for snapping a few photos of me!

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Spaces: Avant Barre

September 10, 2014

Snapshots of one of the projects I worked on this year! My friend and founder of Avant Barre, Nini Gueco hired me to help her pull their new San Francisco studio together. I came on board to help with the finishing touches-  we nailed down paint colors, sourced some furniture, lighting and decor and pulled everything together all within 2-3 weeks. Because of the quick turnaround time, we turned to West Elm (chairs, pendants, chandelier, bench), CB2 and Ikea. They wanted their studio to reflect their brand. To effectively communicate their message and personality, I focused on subtle, practical details that can make a big impact on the over-all look. The design and construction of the West Elm chairs (repurposed, since they are actually for outdoor use) emphasize grace, strength and movement. Also, the outdoor fabric makes it ideal for high traffic areas (aka it can stand up to post-workout lounging sessions). The mobile chandelier gives off lots of energy and balance. Neutral wall colors provide a relaxing yet stimulating environment with the contrasts between light and dark. Natural accents help soften up the modern-industrial look and make the space as cozy and inviting as it is invigorating.


Now it's time to share some of this Barre love with you! If you live in the SF Bay Area and want a chance to try out this awesome workout........We are giving one lucky reader two free weeks of classes at Avant-Barre. All you need to do is:

1. Follow @craftandcouture and @avantbarre on Instagram and Twitter. 
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The winner will randomly be chosen and announced on September 30. 

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Featured: Modern Citizen

September 01, 2014

Extremely thrilled to be featured on Modern Citizen's blog The Compass. I stumbled upon this brand a while back and have been obsessed with their line. Their collections are full of effortless and modern closet staples - right up my alley. Check out the feature here.


Style File: Labor Day Weekend x ICU Eyewear

Enjoyed a great long weekend! On Sunday we celebrated Natalie's 6th birthday with an intimate but fun-filled fete. Despite the shorter guest list - I am still beat from all the prep work and festivities! Exactly the reason why we only throw her a party every other year. I also feel like it's great for her to know that birthdays can be celebrated in many different ways. 

Now that summer (SF's hottest so far) is coming to a close, I am excited to finally bring coats and boots back into my wardrobe mix. I recently stopped by Forever 21 on a whim - searching for some random party favors in their $5 bins and came across a few amazing deals. Grabbed this classic shift dress and a few hats. I'm loving the ease and simplicity of this LBD, which can effortlessly transition into each season or from day to night. Planning to wear this paired with ankle or over-the-knee boots and layered with a camel coat or some oversized knits. For now, I'll take what I can from this heat and pair it with sandals or these birks. 

My must-have accessory regardless of season will always be sunnies. This pair, thanks to ICU eyewear is the perfect addition to my collection. They've got on-trend styles that won't break the bank!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for dropping by!