Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and browse my little corner. What was born out of necessity to give my design business a voice eventually evolved into this visual lifestyle journal where I explore and document my sartorial musings, travel diaries, family life and everything in between. As a style-obsessed pragmatic creative, this place has become a huge outlet and passion project. You’ll notice I gravitate towards elevated everyday looks, minimal relaxed silhouettes and a muted color palette in my home and wardrobe. 

A little about me! I was born and raised in the Philippines, but grew up spending many summers and holidays in San Francisco visiting family. Eventually I made the big move and pursued a career in design. Fifteen years later I am now a wife, mama and work as a creative consultant and stylist to a handful of fashion brands here in the Bay Area and beyond. 

While I am not able to update this blog with traditional posts as often as I’d like, I am always on Instagram and I constantly keep the “shop” tabs here current — this is where I share my wishlist of fashion, decor and beauty items. Take a peek and let me know if anything catches your eye! Thanks again for visiting! I enjoy meeting new friends through this blog so feel free to reach out and say hi.


C O N T A C T             P R O F E S S I O N A L   S I T E            F E A T U R E D   I N