As a child, I used to relish the idea of having a special place to jot things down. My first diary consisted of a tiny "Little Twin Stars" notebook that had a darling lock and key. I treasured it, buried it under my pillow at night and did not let a soul take a peek. Every time I turned the lock to reveal the crisp ruled pages, I would stare, just nothing but blank pages. What am I supposed to be writing about? The thought of random blurbs invading those pink lines just didn't appeal to me. I wanted whatever I wrote to be just as perfect as the diary itself. Perfectionist or crazy OC?

Twenty years later I am staring at a blank sheet in the form of this blog. I guess I am ready. Armed with the knowledge I've gained and the experiences I've conquered, it's time to keep my mash-up of ideas in one place. It should be a lot easier to pen down your thoughts when you have something passionate to write about. Perfect or not, this is me - no lock and key.

So here's to some ramblings on life, style, and design!!