When the first family moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2009, we all knew that they would fill the historical home with a breath of fresh air. Known as the hippest and chic-est family to grace the White House since the Kennedy's - the Obama's are definitely the epitome of the young modern family. While I enjoyed watching the first lady start her own little organic vegetable garden and witness the installation of a new play structure for Sasha and Malia, I personally could not wait to see what changes they would make to their new home...decoration-wise.

There are the personal chefs, the butlers, the chauffeurs, the housekeepers, and the other White House staffers that keep the most famous home in America in tip top shape. And, there is also a team of individuals that keep it looking gorgeous. Michael Smith, the official White House decorator has infused the family's fresh, young, and relaxed style into the home. Now when it comes to the flowers - they have Laura Dowling. Picked from a sea of the country's top floral designers, Laura's style best represents the new first family.

As the new "First Florist", Laura's job entails creating everyday and special occasion arrangements. I'm so enamored by the grace in her designs - her modern mix of colors, classic compositions, and unique use of materials - so inspiring! Frequent White House visitors have noted the less formal, relaxed look of the flowers. They mimic the first lady's wardrobe style in the sense that the look is casual yet elegant. The flowers are simple - never pretentious, always welcoming. She likes incorporating unexpected elements like fruits and vegetables into her arrangements, which emphasizes her natural "garden" approach to floral design. Here are some pictures of her and her work in the White House, taken from a recent Washington Post article:

Laura Dowling

A simple everyday arrangement of roses in the green room. The vermeil bamboo container dates back to 1960.

Laura's collection of vessels adorned with natural materials

Laura's arrangements for the Mexican State Dinner featured prickly pear cactus in a bed of hot pink flowers, contrasted with blue silk table cloths.

The new floral style in the White House is definitely invigorating!

Read more about Laura and her work in the White House in this article by The Washington Post.

My favorite part of the article: President Obama telling Laura, "My favorite thing about living in the White House is the flowers."

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Photographs from The Washington Post, Bill O'Leary and Marvin Joseph