Here's a very simple and easy project that any bride can complete months before the wedding. It's a great way to coordinate the wedding theme or colors into the decor. They can be used as flower girl baskets, hung on ceremony or reception chairs, or even hung on branches of trees. For my demo, I am using chocolate card stock, teal ribbons, and left over monograms from the wedding invitations to give it a custom look. 

12x12 card stock
grommet tool kit
glue runner
plastic cup

1. Equally divide each side into 4-inch squares by
 marking them with a pencil.

2. Cut two slits following your lines, up to 
the "center square". 
Repeat on opposite end of the paper.

3. Fold paper upward along your marked lines.

4.  Create your box by folding up the flaps.

5. Use a permanent glue runner
 (or low temperature glue gun) to adhere
 each flap to the next.

6. Your finished box!

7. I used a grommet tool kit that punches holes and 
sets the grommet as well with another attachment.

8. Mark the area you'd like to set your grommet in. 
Set your box on something like the corner of a sturdy table,
 the edge of the table directly underneath the area you
 will be punching through. Use the cutting mat provided
 by the tool kit to make sure your work surface is protected.

9. Punch through and set your grommet. 
Repeat on the other side of the box.

10. Cut strips of ribbon depending on the length you 
desire. Pass one end through one grommet and knot. 
Repeat on the opposite site.

The finished flower box!

You can embellish it any way you like- I used
 leftover monograms from the wedding
 invitations to decorate these.

I simply placed a plastic cup with a bit of water in the box and
 filled them with all-white hydrangea for a simple yet 
voluminous look. You can also attach water tubes to the ends of 
the stems and anchor them with styrofoam, but since hydrangeas 
are always thirsty, I opted for the plastic cups 
which can hold more water.