Williams-Sonoma Home scented candles

So here I am at home, nursing a bad cough and hiding from the chilly weather. Apart from taking in large doses of vitamin C and hot tea, one of my favorite under-the-weather remedies is filling up the house with my favorite feel-good scents. I am extremely scentsitive. When I decorate a space, I use all my senses. Everything has to look great, feel great, sound great (yes! we take that into consideration too), taste great (in decorating terms, i'd like to think more in the lines of "having class"), and of course smell great. A wonderful home fragrance is a must. The way your house smells speaks a lot about your cleanliness and personality. Scents can uplift and enhance your mood, which greatly affects how we live each day.

There are electric or atomized scent sprays, warmed oil pots, potpourri, sachets, reed diffusers, and of course fresh flower bouquets. However my favorite method of perfuming our home is through good old-fashioned candles. They are so romantic and are a beautiful, simple indulgence.
I've sniffed around and found a couple of amazing scented candles.  I've started a collection, and here are my favorites (starting with my most favorite!):

1. Diptyque Candles in Figuier (Fig) and Baies (Berries)
I am more of a sweet fruity, creamy, and woody person when it comes to scents, and both of these capture all of that and then some. Baies is their most popular scent, however Figuier is my personal favorite. I really prefer Diptyque over Jo Malone since their scents tend to be a little too citrus for my taste.

2. Williams-Sonoma Home scented candle in Safari
The Diptyque candles and this WSH pick are equally my ultimate favorites. Safari is warm and dare I say.... sexy!  It has notes of leather and sandalwood - just divine. I was so disappointed when I found out they were discontinuing their home fragrance collection. Of course the first thing I did was scoop up everything they had in this scent.

3. Illume for Target candle in Vanilla Amber
Bargain find! This is another warm and comforting scent. Very sweet and spicy at the same time. It's a great deal, yet smells rich and un-diluted like most mass-produced candles.

4. Febreze Odor Eliminating Candles in Lavender Vanilla and Vanilla Refresh
Hands down these are the best in terms of price and accessibility. They are wonderful calming and delicious scents that really do banish awful odor! I keep a few in the kitchen and bathroom. Great everyday candles.