I have never been big on Halloween decor - now costumes, that's a different story. All  my energy this time of the year goes into sewing and crafting my little one's accoutre. However, I have been itching to decorate a chic Halloween bash. When my friend Jackie asked if I could spruce up the Nuit Blanche penthouse suite for her big 3-0 birthday "Masquerade Fete" - I jumped on the opportunity. We've all seen the spooky and scary,  so we wanted to add a dash of elegance and style into this affair. I'm always up for a challenge. Nothing excites me more than the thrill of the hunt for bargains and experimenting with new ideas. So when Jackie mentioned we had a petite budget challenge, that got my mind spinning. Here's a sneak peek into what I created!

I made sparkly spooky spiders out of chenille stems. Super easy and fast!

Nuit Blanche's owner Michele was so intrigued by them, he gave it a shot after a quick crafting lesson and had so much fun!

I decorated the candy bar with "trees" adorned with vintage frames, masks, and candles. Candies and goodies filled the apothecary jars. Then I added some glittery skulls, black crows, and more creepy crawlies. 

Centerpieces of my ribbon flowers in velvet, satin, and feathers on top of vintage trays, with some candle lamps, more creepy crawly spiders, and some custom prints announcing the drink of the night: The Jackie-Lantern.

Ready for a FUNtastic and Chic Halloween/Birthday bash!

P.S. - Photos all taken with my iPhone's cam! Gotta love it!