Just in! Sego and Ralph's wedding captured by Bella Pictures. For all the engaged couples out there - I highly recommend their photography services. They have amazingly affordable packages and a talented team certified by world-renowned photojournalist Denis Reggie. Bella pictures and Denis Reggie just recently photographed this year's Today Show Wedding,  (which I absolutely cannot get enough of and will have to share in my next post).

The flowers I provided were a big step away from my comfort zone in terms of color. Red is not a color I use often. I just noticed that I own only ONE red item in my closet - a vintage red Calvin Klein dress (which I ended up wearing to this wedding!).  I enjoyed the challenge of working with red, and embraced Sego and Ralph's traditional and modern tastes. I am constantly learning and breaking free from the usual through my clients. This is the great thing about being a designer - I get to practice how to listen, explore, resolve, create and conquer on a daily basis. The effect of adapting to new situations and breaking free from the usual is quite evident in my freshly polished crimson colored nails!