It's been a busy year! Actually, it's been a busy past couple of years. The hubby and I haven't had a nice long vacation since 2007. Well, the next week will make up for all of that. We're taking a trip to Italy! We'll be staying at the Ferragamo family's Il Borro estate in Tuscany and hitting up Rome, Venice, and Florence as well. I've been glancing at these photos of Il Borro for the past couple of months - as a daily reminder that a much needed break is approaching. It got me through those tough days! 

This is my 50th post in about 6 months of blogging! I've really enjoyed writing and sharing my projects, thoughts, and life experiences. It will be great to look back at all these posts years from now.

So see you all in a week when I come back refreshed, energized, and even more inspired! Hope everyone has a very happy thanksgiving.