Ahhhh! Here's to that one special day we get to say THANK YOU altogether. One of the very first words I taught my little Natalie was please and thank you. I think it's the most important message after "I love you". There are countless blessings we have received this year, and I'm so glad we have a day dedicated to reflect and give thanks. 

This year we will be celebrating  with a non-traditional trip abroad, so my kitchen and table will be empty. However I just stumbled upon our pictures from last year's celebration. Our family likes to do things "on the fly" - meaning sometimes plans are made a week or even just a few days before. I've gotten quite good at making do with so little time. Here's what I prepared with 2 days notice... (which means I started cooking the moment I found out we were hosting the dinner)

I picked up leaves off the ground and used them as place cards.

 More "found" objects - pine cones I've collected during morning walks. Casual autumnal flowers loosely placed in goblets.

Some of the dishes I prepared:
Spinach salad with cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing

Prosciutto-wrapped dates for our appetizer

My "award-winning" turkey and stuffing

My mini red-velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

It's time to set the table and spread some fabulous fall decor and food! Happy Thanksgiving!