I guess it's pretty obvious that winter is my favorite time of the year (notice the flood of holiday and winter posts). One of the many things I love about it is ...snow! I think growing up in a tropical environment instantly makes you yearn for and wish for the fluffy white stuff. It doesn't snow in our area, but we do live a few hours away from Tahoe - a weekend trip here and there is enough for me. I love the fact that we can enjoy the snow, yet drive home and not have to worry about shoveling our driveway.

I've been dreaming of a white wedding for as long as I can remember. For now, I'm letting my imagination go wild with wintry white projects around the house. This weekend I had a special helper, my little Natalie. I figured I'd hit two birds with one stone by combining her craft activity with mine. 

A snow-topped tablescape for a casual and intimate dinner
This is a really inexpensive DIY table setting that absolutely anyone can do (my toddler is living proof). It's something that can be done ahead of time and will last throughout the Holidays. I rounded up a lot of glass apothecary jars (any glass vases or jars will do), mini trees, pinecones, branches, berries, and  yes..lots and lots of home made snow. 

 Homemade Winter Wonderland

Natalie had so much fun making the snow with me. I really wanted to create our own snow instead of buy the faux version, which can be extremely messy or made from plastic (bad for the environment). So I came up with a little recipe that doesn't require a trip to the grocery store. It's a very simple activity that exercises her coordination and math skills. I let her scoop up and mix equal parts of plain white laundry detergent (we used Tide), sugar and coarse salt (the sugar and salt add a natural glittery look to the snow). Then I had her pour the snow mixture into the vases. She picked out the mini trees (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree!!), and placed them inside herself. We sprinkled snow on the trees for a natural just-snowed on look. For place cards, Natalie filled glass ball ornaments with snow, while I inserted ribbons with guest's names and a sprig of berries. Natalie was so proud of all her snow. She yelled "Ta-Dahhh" each time she showed it to someone. I really enjoy crafty projects, but they are so much more special when the little one gets to participate! 

The table all lit up..

We were able to enjoy some "snow" without having to bundle up and leave the house!