I am basically a one-woman show.  I wear many hats and feel like I magically grow an extra set of arms at times. I have some wonderful helpers during installations and events when I need them, but all of the design and office work is done by me from my home, in my little corner of an office. It's connected to my "studio" where I get my hands dirty creating flower arrangements and craft projects.  My work space is teeny tiny, a small spot near my kitchen and dining room that is generously bathed in sunlight for most of the day. You've seen the photos of my little nook. It's all-white and clean for a reason. As a designer I need a blank canvas to be able to think freely and without any distractions. I've given it a little update for the new year- some practical and clever organization elements that have maximized every square inch.

Scored a new chair that was an absolute bargain! Vintage French inspired with natural linen upholstery, double welt detail,  caned back and a gorgeous weathered finish. A great accent to my modern white table - and super comfy!

The best way to utilize a small space is to use vertical space-the walls. I created some panels covered in a beautiful cream moire fabric, which will serve as my inspiration boards for pinning up tear sheets,  samples and other items. They're sitting on the ledges above my table. I decided not to fasten them to the wall so I could take them with me during client presentations.

I transformed an old set of drawers into a printer caddy that tucks away underneath my desk. Love how the printer blends seamlessly into the office.

Binders are all-white and labeled neatly. Anyone that's gone to school with me will recognize them- I am using the exact same binders I used, updated with new labels. I had a whole wall of them, one for each of my classes all labeled in a similar way. My drawers have clever fittings, like this ribbon holder that holds them neatly in place while allowing me quick access.

Always need family photos for inspiration! Personalizing a space always makes it more inviting.

Now, back to work! :)