I'm so excited for this year's Oscars! So many amazing movies nominated- I can't wait to see who takes home the golden statue and of course- see how the stars will be celebrating this year. The buzz isn't just who's going to win, who's wearing what, who's dating who - it's how they're going to party the night away. Here's a preview of what the Oscar's Governor's Ball will look like!

Of course LA floral designer to the stars Mark's Garden will be creating the wonderful flower arrangements! They've been at it for 18 years! With over 120 table centerpieces and arrangements to make, they've come up with three table themes: The Standard, Swing, and Latin - classic genres of music that each have their own unique vibe.

The Standard Table with shades of blue (for blues standards of course !) and accessories evoking this genre.
The Swing table-  Red hot!
The Latin table - golds and yellows
Of course this is the biggest party in Hollywood and every detail is planned to perfection. Case in point: this year's server's uniform.
Wolfgang Puck of course! The food looks delish- but I'm eyeing those chocolate Oscars and Macaroons!

I'm hoping to be able to throw my own Oscar's Party at home next year! Happy Oscar Weekend! :)

Photos: Yahoo