Save the Date: Friday, February 25th   
Six Shopping Days for Unique and One-of-a Kind Artwork

Mark your calendars! In just a few days, Serena and Lily will be opening their online pop-up shop The Bazaar. This online-only Art Bazaar will feature one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and include the works of Andrzej Michael Karwacki, AJ Oishi, Blair Bradshaw, Bob Stang, among others. 

“Art is an integral part of our design aesthetic; we draw inspiration for our brand from the art that surrounds us. Our Bazaar began as a way to offer customers the unique decorative items we utilized in our catalogue shoots,” says Serena Dugan, co-founder of Serena & Lily. “By curating an Art Gallery online for our next Bazaar, we have taken the next step in offering our customers unique decorative pieces for all parts of their homes.”

If you're a fan of their products and their casual chic style you'll love this art collection! Prices range from $125 to $3,200 - so there's a price point for every budget. Their online doors open on February 25, and the Bazaar will last six days or until the carefully curated gems sell out.

For more information:

 Dancer in Chair, Janet Ament and Victor DeGesu. Oil on canvas, framed. $2,250
 Abstract Squares, Bella. Oil on canvas, framed. $525
Pop-Ups, Sharon Paster.  Oil on canvas and panel. $2,500.

 Pin Drop, Michael Cutlip. Mixed media on panel. $2,800.
Cruiser #1, Catherine Mackey. Mixed media on panel. $800.