I'm a huge crafter - no doubt about it. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and discovering how to create things myself. There's a thrill in DIY projects that can't compare to purchasing something already made. I like being able to say "I made that!".

My latest project left me speechless. It turned out AH-mazing! For one of my upcoming weddings, I placed a HUGE order in for some vintage-inspired vases. However, my wholesale supplier has been back-ordered, and the shipment wasn't guaranteed to arrive on time. I decided to take matters into my own hands and MAKE them myself. Antiqued mirrored or silvered vases can be pretty pricey. And considering I need a huge lot- they could have cost me more than the entire fee I charged my client for their floral arrangements. I've seen a lot of DIY instructions for these vintage mercury/silvered/mirrored vases. I tweaked the Martha Stewart DIY instructions found here. Instead of using the  mirror paint, I used 3 different shades (gold, chrome, black) of metallic paint from Krylon and did a lot of dabbing with a damp cloth to get the right effect.

This is what I started with:
Simple footed glass vase

And here is my finished product:
Antique Silvered/Mirrored vases! I was so excited I picked up one of my glass goblets and gave it the same makeover! They turned out to be great repro antiques. I have a lot more to make, but this sure is an amazing and fun project!