Change. We make decisions, we let go, we move along, we make things better.  I've been struggling with a lot lately - emotionally, physically, and mentally in terms of life, the business, and this blog. These past few years have been tough - rewarding, but tough. I won't dive into specifics, but I need to share a few things so I'll start here...

A little background:
I started my little company almost three years ago - it began as my creative outlet. I was a stay-at-home new mom and found myself digging my fingers into crafty projects, baking and cake decorating, and floral design to keep my sanity. This has always been my thing - design, aesthetics, fashion. I planned and designed my first party at the age of 7 - my own of course (and I probably drove my mom insane). As a wee one, I spent my days crafting accessories for my doll house (table linens, curtains, you name it), baking and decorating with my mom and sisters, rearranging our furniture, and dictating what kind of shoes to wear to my kindergarten play. Yes, this has always been my thing - design, aesthetics, fashion.

I realized my dream and came to the US to pursue a degree and career in Interior Design. I excelled in school, landed a dream job, and was on my way. Then something happened. Something changed. Something changed ME. I became a mom, I became a wife. Yes, design, arts and crafts, aesthetics - have always been my thing. But my biggest dream of all was to become a mom and wife, and be the best at it that I could possibly be. Change. It happened, and so much within so little time. 

I took almost a whole year off, dedicating myself to my daughter and my new husband. I'm thankful for this. I wouldn't have changed this for anything. Aside from the quality time I got to spend with my baby, I discovered a lot of little things that I really enjoyed doing. When my daughter was a little over a year old, after casually taking on event and interior projects, I started my own business. It began as something fun. It gave me a chance to earn and pursue a career while still being a hands-on mom. 

Reality and Realization hits:
This business began from nothing. Up to now, I am still basically a one-woman show with occasional hired help. I do not have a full time staff, a driver, a maid, or a nanny. I'm a mom running a household, caring for a child, and running every department of a small business. It's kind of amazing thinking of how far I've come in less than three years  - so many weddings, details, clients, and featured works. Yes, I'm pretty proud of this. 

Last year was the game changer. I found myself extremely burned out, drained, exhausted. I took a step back and realized that the little hobby turned business had consumed me, and had taken over not just mine, but my family's lives. I wasn't happy, I wasn't enjoying it anymore, and yes, I'll be real and say - this is not the type of job that pays very well from the get-go (well what does?)  On top of that we reached the inevitable point where we had to decide - can we invest more and expand? I got encouragement from friends, clients, family - "hire help, delegate, etc". And yes, I considered this, but there are a lot of factors involved, and lots of weighing out to do, it's just not as simple as that. 

The most important thing to me is my family. Our health, happiness, well-being. Unfortunately I've discovered that this business and it's expansion isn't what's best for us at the moment. As of now, I will be slowing down TJD operations and only taking on select projects and clients that I feel comfortable with, and I am capable of taking on on top of my current priorities. The business will remain open, only I'll be taking somewhat of a break and giving it a renovation that will work for our needs.

Hello, not goodbye:
This isn't goodbye. It's just a little shift and change towards something that we can all benefit from. I'm happy to announce that this blog will be my new main venture - what started out as a means of communicating my business' projects will now be my main form of creative release and hopefully, a continued source of inspiration to you. It will be a place for me to share not just interior or event projects, but my personal insights on life and style. Hence, the second name change from Brass and Linen to Craft and Couture. We feel it says a lot more about what I  have to share, and includes all my passions. I will continue to cook up some inspirational posts for interiors, weddings, showers, and other celebrations. This is something I really enjoy. I'm also planning to invite some guest bloggers to share their expertise and collaborate on special projects. 

Some things I can share with from this experience..... don't be afraid to try, to give it your all, and make the best with what you have. Don't be afraid of the change in course, in what people will think or say. Sometimes detours result in something even more rewarding. This is what feels right for me, and it's not for others to judge or criticize. Things aren't as simple as they seem, and there is a reason for everything.

Thank you so much for following along and reading this blog. I'm extremely grateful for the support and encouragement, specially to those of you who lovingly and willingly lend a hand.  Looking forward to the change, and to making things better! :) In the meantime, pardon the mess around here!