Pretty much everyone agrees that no matter what you're wearing, flawless skin is the best accessory to any ensemble. I take my skin care very seriously. Blame it on all the magazines I started reading in my early teens, having aunts that are dermatologists, and a mom that has porcelain perfect skin. While the products have changed slightly to adjust to my more mature skin -  cleansing, toning, and moisturizing have been my three steps to basic facial care since I was about 13. Most of the products on this list are drugstore finds. I like keeping things simple. When it comes to essentials I like sticking to items that are practical- i.e cost-effective and easy to find. I like knowing that when I travel, if I forget my facial wash the next drugstore will surely have it.

I've never had acne, but my skin is extremely sensitive to fragrance, oils, and certain sunscreens. In general, "combination normal to oily" is what I would classify my skin type as.  I make sure to cleanse and exfoliate with my Clarisonic brush (twice a day), tone at night with a salicylic acid based toner (prevents nasty blackheads and whiteheads), moisturize day and night, and apply sunscreen whether I'll be indoors or out. I drink lots of water throughout the day (never leave home without my water bottle), eat as healthy as I can, and never ever go to sleep without completing my night time regimen. My goal is to maintain my skin's health and prevent the signs of aging. I don't get facials or regular treatments of any kind, so these basics work really well together in terms of keeping that glow. I am no beauty expert, but I do get a lot of compliments on my skin.

What skin care essentials do you use and swear by? I would love to know!