There are days I live in sweats. Yes - I wear stretchy pants from nine to five and beyond. Just keepin' it real over here. I've come to the realization that a stay-at-home mom with a real-world budget and real-world duties can't possibly run a truthful style blog without saying that. There are moments that simply require comfort and ease over anything. It's just so much easier on a busy day to wear my workout attire in the morning, so I can eventually hit up the gym before or after my errands. This is more of a confession than an outfit post. Because while this blog may look fancy and put-together - most days are nowhere near that in our household. I am staring at a mountain of laundry as I type this. SO glamorous. But who wants to see photos of that? 

Daily outfit posts are not possible for me. Yes, I know this blog has "couture" in it's name- it's not meant to be taken literally. I just don't have the time and there are days I don't feel what I'm wearing is worth sharing. I've always loved dressing up, but now that I'm a mom and I don't work in a formal environment, I've had to adjust my wardrobe. It's inevitable. Flats have always taken up a big chunk of my closet- even before Natalie.  But I never hesitated when it came to purchasing a great pair of stilettos. I was that die-hard fashionista that swore I would wear heels throughout my pregnancy. But alas, the comfort of flats and aching swollen feet won that battle. As you get older, the word practical just makes more sense. Stumbling and tripping over myself as I try to run my errands is just not a good look. Being comfortable makes you confident, and that makes whatever you're wearing so much better.  I do wear heels - on weekends, nights out, and time with my girls, which you have seen here in a few posts. Once in a while when I am off-duty I indulge. It's now even more of a luxury - yes, even the super comfy ones. Flats are my friend. Just last week I ended up returning an amazing pair of Givenchy wedges that were on sale. They were such a great deal, and super comfy. But after a lot of thought, practicality won over again. I had to be honest with myself - why should I spend that much on a pair of trendy heels I know I will not get to wear every day? I don't cry about heels I've given up though. There are so many great flat options these days that I don't even miss them. Case in point - these leather espadrilles. They were a splurge, but a practical one because I wear them almost every single day- that makes them more than worth it. 

There are days I feel like I am the last person that should have a style blog. But you know what I've come to realize? Style can be many things, and we get to decide what that is for ourselves. I may not be like those fashion bloggers that get to wear gifted designer duds on a daily basis, wear sky-high heels, and travel the world while getting paid to do it. But I am comfortable and confident in my clothes. And I know that even if I wear stretchy pants sometimes, live in flats, and frown upon clothes that need to be dry-cleaned or ironed - I can still be stylish and confident in my own way, and I can still share that with others. 

On a day filled with so many activities, this outfit is as comfortable and as chic as it gets for me. Yes, this is a style blog, but it's also a mom blog. Practical everyday wear is what I'm all about, so you won't see me in extremely fancy attire. I intend to be honest, and real. I wear what I really wear on a daily basis and that's what you see here. Keep an eye out for an upcoming outfit post featuring my fave pair of sweats! ;)

Blazer: HM  //  Tee: James Perse  // Denim: Marshall's  // Espadrilles: Chanel  // Purse: Zara  // Sunglasses: Prada  // Necklaces: vintage  // Cuff: Toss Boutique