Did a quick, easy and very affordable DIY recently! Updated our current chandelier that we've had for quite some time. It's got a classic contemporary style, but I felt it needed a little refresh. Gave it a vintage modern look that works much better in our current dining nook!

I'm obsessed with Arteriors lighting - their vintage brass pieces are the perfect blend of simplicity and glamour. But of course, they all come with a hefty price tag. Similar pendants and chandeliers I've been eyeing at a few local dealers are also pretty expensive. Decided a DIY was in order. One way to make sure it wouldn't turn out too horrible was to pattern the project after something similar to our current chandelier. The Auburn Chandelier seemed perfect since it shares almost the same simple lines as the one we already have:

 Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover in Gold
1 1/2" Wooster Pro Brush (White China Bristle for Oil Paints)
Sandpaper (optional)
Painter's tape (optional)

1. Clean the chandelier. Remove shades and bulbs. Make sure both the light switch and the main circuit breaker are off. Place drop cloth. Open all the windows. 
2. When it comes to DIY - I'm always trying to find ways to do things the quickest yet best way possible. I need to get it done fast or I get really impatient and then I don't end up finishing it (yes I know, I'm bad). That paired with the fact I have no electrician skills made me decide to paint the piece while still suspended from the ceiling. Because of that, I had to brush paint on instead of spray (way less messy).
3. I took off the decorative glass balls found on the middle section of each lamp. Since the arms couldn't be taken apart, I had to break the glass to remove them. I wrapped each one in a bag, and hammered into it so the pieces would just fall and collect in the bag- no cleanup and nobody got hurt.
4. I attempted to sand the metal but felt it wasn't really necessary so I actually skipped this step - the paint still dried perfect and smooth. You may want to sand if you are working with rust or an extremely shiny surface.
5. Paint away! The brush I used is amazing! It left absolutely no brush marks when the paint dried. And the paint - I highly recommend as well. I actually like the finish better than the sprays I have used in the past. It dried to a perfect antiqued brass patina. Work with quick long and short strokes - the paint dries super fast. Just one coat did the trick for me. I didn't use a clear top coat - not necessary for this kind of project.
6. I let the paint dry, then screwed in round clear candelabra bulbs. Initially I wanted to keep the shades, but ended up loving how it looked with the bulbs exposed.

This project cost less than $30 and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Thoughts?! Thanks for dropping by! ;)