I am now itching to have some friends over for a hot chocolate party! Just scored this amazing set at a thrift store. It's a mid-century vintage Colony carafe, and coordinating tumblers.  Love it's Jetsons-gone-glam vibe!

Found a similar one on Etsy if you are on the hunt for something just like this! :)

**PS- UPDATE: I keep on forgetting to mention this. While I enjoy thrifting, safety and health is always a priority. Since most of the items I find are vintage - some from more than 50 years ago, I make sure to do some research with regards to lead and other chemicals that may be present (and not regulated back then).

When using vintage glassware and dinnerware: 

1. Avoid storing liquids for long periods of time (like weeks to months) in containers that may have lead. It can leech into the liquid. Otherwise, it's pretty safe to have a drink or two in a glass that may contain lead. I save most of my vintage ware for special occasions.
2. Avoid using plates or glasses that have cracks or breaks in them.
3. When in doubt, buy a lead test kit in the hardware store (very inexpensive). 
4. If you really don't want to risk it, save your pieces for decorative purposes.

I'm pretty sure you have some vintage goodies inherited from grandma and family members. It's always a good idea to check the condition and composition of your wares.

Hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by. :)