I've had November 14 marked in my calendar since spring! Tomorrow marks the launch of H&M's collab with Isabel Marant. She's responsible for the sneaker wedge trend and that whole Parisian laid-back-cool, rock n' roll-boho-chic aesthetic. Her mix is all about comfort, practicality and just enough edge. That's everything I pretty much want in an ensemble. What's great is that there is just enough in this collection to cater to almost any one's personal style. Whether you're into boho, glam, vintage, grunge... or even more like me (a minimalist) - there is surely something you will end up picking up! I am specially loving the gold dress, the wool blazer, her sweatshirts and tees.

Here are my top picks from the collection:


(Last sweater is from the boy's collection)

What I truly appreciate is how they didn't skimp on materials. Real silk, wool, and leather are used and the quality is apparent. I'm planning on hitting up the San Francisco store on Powell at the crack of dawn with my friend Caitlin. This will be my first time lining up for an H&M collab. The only other time I've lined up in the mercy of fashion was for a free pair of Jimmy Choos, but I'll save that for another post!  Wish us luck!!!

Are there any pieces you're eyeing from the collection?

Isabel Marant Pour H&M launches tomorrow, November 14 at 8am in select stores, and 12 noon EST online.