I thought I'd share the DIY instructions to creating our tabletop succulent terrariums (seen in our organic modern thanksgiving table here). I've been working with them for years - they're my fave plants because they're so hardy and you can get so creative with them. Came across this great tutorial by West Elm that perfectly outlines how to make them (saved this mama from a few hours of photographing and photoshopping a step-by-step). They are so easy to create and keep alive, so they make for a great beginner's garden. We've got around 5 of these guys around the house right now - it's my hobby and obsession. I'm really into simplistic geometric details with a vintage, slightly rustic mod feel - like these faceted terrariums and ceramic vases. We'll be carrying the same look and details onto our holiday decor this year - crafted a few fun Christmas ornaments that I can't wait to share with you!

Our current organic modern tablescape is so Eco and budget-friendly . The terrariums can transition from everyday to holiday with just a few fancy touches like the gold flatware, woven chargers, and a fun thank you card as a welcome note. Aside from the succulents, I also have a few air plants perched on top of smaller geo vases (they literally only need air, and a light sprinkling of water here and there).

T A B L E T O P   T E R R A R I U M S
West Elm Tutorial

A D D I T I O N A L   T I P S:
I've picked up a few great succulent tips from working with flowers, events, and spending a lot of time at the flower market. 

1. Fall/Winter is the best time to repot succulents into these terrariums. They are in their dormant or "sleeping" phase and are less likely to suffer from "shock".
2. Make sure the roots of the succulents are very dry before repotting. Roots break during the transfer process. If they are damp, it will be harder for the plant to heal and it can be susceptible to infections/mold. If the roots are dry, they easily form a scab over the broken areas, and adapt much better into their new home.
3. DO NOT water your newly repotted succulents for at least 10 days. Let the plants adjust to their new environment. Remember - damp soil doesn't give the roots time to heal.
4. Water every two weeks during the fall/winter, once a week during the spring/summer. 
5. I like to use Miracle Gro Cactus Plant food - only during the spring/summer. I use very little each time I water. Their moisture control potting mix is great as well.
6. I get my succulents at Lowe's, but any garden and home supply store should have them.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope this post was helpful and inspires you to create some of  your own.

Styling and Photography (Top three photos): Therese Jacinto  //  Step-by-Step graphics: West Elm