I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing dress up. Love the thrill of figuring out a look from head to toe and that excitement of getting all dolled up before an event. Throughout the year I have fun with practical everyday wear. So when opportunity strikes to glam up, I go all out. The hubby's company holiday party was "Masquerade ball" themed - everyone came dressed to the nines and it was such a sight. 

This gown was an impulse buy while on vacation in the Philippines earlier this year. Definitely did not need it, but I had to have it.  It's by Harlan+Holden - designed and made in Manila. I'm so proud of all the local designers and brands I discovered. Can't tell you how blown away I was by the fashion scene back home.

I love the draping, the color and how comfortable it is. To justify my purchase, I told myself it would make a great maternity session dress (talk about planning ahead....and no - no bun in the oven). It's also very versatile - I can belt it up and make it a bit shorter and play around with the draping. But really, I think every girl needs to have that one special dress for no reason. If there isn't an occasion, you can always create one ;). 

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you're enjoying all the holiday festivities!

Gown: Harlan + Holden  (at Adora, Greenbelt)  //  Heels: Zara  //  Purse: Vintage
Lips: Chanel rouge in Passion