Once in a while I feel it's necessary to go through a whole-life cleanse. Purge the negative and unnecessary and infuse more of the essentials. When times are particularly stressful or hectic, I take simple baby steps - eating less sugar,  trying new workouts, simplifying my beauty routine, de-cluttering my mind and surroundings, reconnecting with friends and family, and also taking a few minutes to myself. These all help re-energize my spirit and keep me going. At the same time, I like to ignore the trends and fall back on my closet staples - the tried and true classics that I feel confident and comfortable in. Most of the time I resort to my relaxed tee, dark skinny jeans and heels formula.

Recently discovered and added to my closet's hall of fame (and hoarded in all the possible neutrals): The Perfect Tee. Finally. We all have our own preferences when it comes to the elusive white t-shirt. I personally love the borrowed-from-the-boys fit. This Skargorn tee comes in a perfect over sized cut and drapes beautifully - it's not sheer and feels like you've worn and loved it for years.

This current cleanse I'm going through was brought about by a handful of incredible changes I'm going through career-wise - thanks to this blog, which has opened so many doors for me. While I'm busier than ever, I couldn't be more grateful. I couldn't have gotten this far without all your support throughout the years. Thank you so much for following along and cheering me on!

shirt:  SKARGORN   |   jeans:  JBRAND   |  heels:  ZARA (similar)  |   watch: LARSSON JENNINGS