Current essentials - some old and some new faves. Most days and especially into the weekend, I like to keep things simple and easy. Loving this tinted moisturizer by Bare Minerals. I'm a huge fan of their foundation, which I wear on special occasions.   Been on the hunt for something with lighter coverage for daily use, so I'm thrilled that this works for me. My extremely sensitive skin is happy. It can't tolerate certain silicone's and chemical sunscreen. Finding a tinted moisturizer made with mineral SPF in my perfect color match sans oil, fragrance and 'cones was next to impossible. The finish is gorgeous - so natural and dewy, with just enough coverage. The problem I had with a few tinted moisturizers or BB creams is how they aren't truly effective in keeping the skin hydrated. This keeps my skin so soft and supple throughout the day. I top it off with Becca Perfect Skin Powder for a flawless look. 

A few months ago I started breaking out with little whiteheads on my chin. I've always been really good with my skin and never had acne - aside from an occasional blemish or two. My obsession with cleansing, toning and moisturizing began when I was 13 and I haven't faltered. No matter how tired I am I never sleep with my makeup on. I felt like I knew my skin pretty well and learned what worked for me. You can just imagine my frustration when all hell broke loose. One whitehead would erupt into a full blown zit, go away within a few days then be replaced by two more. I tried a lot of over-the-counter remedies but nothing worked. Felt like I was going through my thirties. It was driving me crazy. Finally - after a health scare (I'm doing just fine, thank you!), countless trips to three doctors and numerous tests,  I've been diagnosed with a medical condition, and we've found that the pimples were caused by or linked to it. Thankfully with some medication, a diet and lifestyle makeover and adding this amazing toner (a cult fave - the hype is so real) by Biologique Recherch√© and this face mist by Glossier to my routine- my skin is almost back to normal.   

Have an amazing weekend! Thanks for dropping by.