Weekend-ing at home with True and Co. To be honest, I have always been a ripped-to-the-core oversized tee and leggings kinda girl. Hubby's lived-in pieces make for the perfect bedtime essentials. I think that I often neglect sleepwear since well, nobody else sees them. Same goes for my intimate apparel. However, it feels great to step into something just a little bit more special. It's such a treat to lounge and snooze in this extra soft and light pajama set. They are such a classic and are just as comfortable as hubby's hand-me-downs. Glad to now have something polished enough to make it to the breakfast table with family on Christmas day (I like to plan ahead)!

When it comes to bras I'm a sucker for anything stretchy and soft. I tend to stay away from underwire or padding (specially in the summer months) and prefer bralettes like these for everyday wear. 

What lies beneath is just as important as what's on top. An amazing, comfortable bra and seamless undies can do wonders for your ensemble - and your attitude. Which we all know, is what truly carries an outfit. If you feel good inside, you look it too.  

Pajama set and bras provided by True and Co. Available here and here

Photography by Amanda Jacinto for Craft and Couture

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