When your heart skips a beat and you realize your dream home exists. Featured recently over at Domaine, this stunning space is all about that perfect balance of simplicity, style and comfort. The vibe is exactly what we are going for in our own home. I'm obsessed with every detail - the clean lines, the rustic against modern accents...all the light, all the white...and those sofas. 

My dream sofa has always been simple and sleek with a relaxed yet tailored slipcover- preferably in Belgian linen. Our current family room has a set of custom over sized sofas in a high performance crushed velvet fabric. They still look great and have held up pretty well in the past 5 years considering our lifestyle. It was a practical purchase. I'm thinking for the current room we are decorating, maybe its time to bite the bullet and get the sofa I've always wanted. The designer in me says go for it. The mom in me says "Are you nuts??". 

As always, I'm trying to find a happy medium between these two inner voices. After an intense hunt, I may have found a solution in this sofa that I featured recently in this post. It's got everything I want - the over sized scale, the linen slip cover,  knife edge detailing..... and the cushions are even wrapped in a down blend (I didn't think this was possible for this budget). All for under five times less than what I was expecting to spend for something like this. While I have never purchased a sofa without test driving it in person, the positive reviews give me a boost of confidence. And, at this price point I probably won't flinch if I hear Natalie say "oooops" while siting on it with a cup of juice.  Bonus - all the savings can probably fund weekly professional cleaning for life. Listen to me. Like I really need to convince myself! I think I'm pretty much sold on it. Check it out below, and a few other fantastic Friday Finds that I'd love to pair with it.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend!

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