Sharing a few closet tips. They help keep my wardrobe in shape and make dressing up more efficient and fun!

I have this system where I do a big purge and organize twice a year - specially during a transition from one season to the next. Lots of unnecessary, ill-fitting and just plain old pieces have been hauled away to consignment shops and my local Goodwill recently. It feels great to constantly hit the refresh button. I tend to discover old favorites that become new again, and of course - make room for better, smarter pieces. 

Then to ensure that each item in my closet actually gets worn, I plan about a week or two's worth of outfits in advance. Sunday nights are spent pulling pieces out and arranging them in a free standing clothing rack - where I can mix, match and style them all for the next couple of days. The rack is refreshed weekly or daily with something new. This has really helped me ensure I get the most out of what I buy. Anything that I feel I didn't touch on my rack gets tossed into a "return, sell or donate" pile. 

I like to set up my dressing area like a boutique. Everything strategically and neatly organized to get ready fast. There's a spot to sit and put shoes on, ample storage for hanging and folded clothes, and boxes to keep smaller items clutter-free. This week's Friday Find: this gorgeous minimalist clothing rack. The shelves are perfect for displaying purses and accessories like scarves and belts. It'll really make the outfit planning more efficient, and at the same time make for a great decorative accent. 

Shop a few of my must-haves for a closet that's as practical as it is stylish:

Do you have any closet tips you swear by? Thanks so much for dropping by and have a great weekend!