A modern, life-size, recyclable doll house
Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals
Natural, eco-friendly elements (wood shavings!) infused into the designs
Simple, figure-flattering architectural silhouettes
Intricate, stunning handcrafted details 
The finale - that bridal look!
The hair. The makeup. That eyeliner!

The show that dreams are made of. Lagerfeld never fails to knock us off of our seats Every. Single. Time....

This is what haute couture is all about. Escape. Inspiration. Living breathing fine art. (PSA: WhoWhatWear's recent article on haute couture is a must-read, here

I've been blissfully transported from my current state of hibernation and outfit of choice (sweatpants - I mean....loungewear). In my mind, I'm Chanel Barbie. My wedding ensemble is topped off with the most glamorous hoodie, and I get to live in a minimalist dream mansion with the chicest #squad.

Take me away Chanel. Take me away.

P.S. Can we please talk about the fanny packs?!

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