Step-By-Step: Wedding Flower Boxes

July 29, 2010

Here's a very simple and easy project that any bride can complete months before the wedding. It's a great way to coordinate the wedding theme or colors into the decor. They can be used as flower girl baskets, hung on ceremony or reception chairs, or even hung on branches of trees. For my demo, I am using chocolate card stock, teal ribbons, and left over monograms from the wedding invitations to give it a custom look. 

12x12 card stock
grommet tool kit
glue runner
plastic cup

1. Equally divide each side into 4-inch squares by
 marking them with a pencil.

2. Cut two slits following your lines, up to 
the "center square". 
Repeat on opposite end of the paper.

3. Fold paper upward along your marked lines.

4.  Create your box by folding up the flaps.

5. Use a permanent glue runner
 (or low temperature glue gun) to adhere
 each flap to the next.

6. Your finished box!

7. I used a grommet tool kit that punches holes and 
sets the grommet as well with another attachment.

8. Mark the area you'd like to set your grommet in. 
Set your box on something like the corner of a sturdy table,
 the edge of the table directly underneath the area you
 will be punching through. Use the cutting mat provided
 by the tool kit to make sure your work surface is protected.

9. Punch through and set your grommet. 
Repeat on the other side of the box.

10. Cut strips of ribbon depending on the length you 
desire. Pass one end through one grommet and knot. 
Repeat on the opposite site.

The finished flower box!

You can embellish it any way you like- I used
 leftover monograms from the wedding
 invitations to decorate these.

I simply placed a plastic cup with a bit of water in the box and
 filled them with all-white hydrangea for a simple yet 
voluminous look. You can also attach water tubes to the ends of 
the stems and anchor them with styrofoam, but since hydrangeas 
are always thirsty, I opted for the plastic cups 
which can hold more water.

Wedding Details: Carina and Miguel's Reception

July 28, 2010

Short breakaway arrangements

Here are a few personal shots from Carina and Miguel's modern chic reception! It was the most fun and memorable wedding I've attended this year. 

For the table layout, we situated the head table on the center of the ballroom surrounded by eight round guest tables. This made the space more dynamic and gave off an easy and relaxed flow. I'm constantly trying to come up with fresh new ideas that enhance the event's atmosphere. Because the couple and entourage were positioned amongst the guests, they were more accessible and invited interaction. In a more formal, traditional setting with the use of a presidential table - guests have a difficult time approaching and feel uneasy coming up to talk to the couple. To dress up the table, I created 3 tall modern arrangements featuring orchids suspended in water. The vases were topped off with drum shades to coordinate with the color scheme, and independent lights glowed from within - highlighting the hydra floral arrangement.

A clean palette of creams, white, and green florals and foliage accompanied the teal and chocolate scheme of the wedding. The combination of the florals with candles, water, moss, and wood branches created a natural, romantic, relaxed and modern aesthetic. For the short breakaway arrangements, I used white hydrangea, cream Vendela roses, white lisianthus, white carnations, hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus, and white cymbidium orchids. The tall arrangements featured natural branches and white hydrangea in vases filled with moss-covered rocks. Hanging glass candle votives added a romantic and dreamy touch.

This wedding was for my cousin and dear friend, so each detail was even more special. I wanted the designs to perfectly reflect Carina and Miguel's personalities. Since they are the opposite of fussy, over-the-top, and pretentious - I stayed away from anything too arranged, formal, or serious. The close collaboration with the couple and personalized items I created resulted in a fun, romantic, and clean look that reflected their fresh and vibrant personalities. They told me from the start that they were not "flower" people, so I tried to use unconventional items and mix them up with fresh florals. 

Menu and program frames

The head table

Tall branch arrangement 

Guest tables and the wedding cake

Photos: Joseph Gamboa , Therese Jacinto

Wedding Details: Simple Ceremony Decor

July 27, 2010

Pew flower boxes

Here's a sneak peek of some custom floral church decor for last weekend's wedding. Simple, clean, and modern, yet with a fun and fresh twist to everything.

I created preserved moss monograms in the couple's last names and custom pew flower boxes to coordinate with the teal and chocolate theme. The moss monograms were so fun to make! Aside from the practicality of them being completed weeks before the wedding, they are also a great keepsake for the couple. I suggested they change up the ribbons depending on the season, decorate them with flowers and other trinkets, and display them on their home's front door, or on top of a fireplace mantle. They make a great personal statement and last throughout the years. 

Moss monograms on church doors

Pew flower boxes

The pew boxes were so easy to create, and added another custom and personalized element to the wedding. They make a modern statement with large bunches of flowers in a monochromatic scheme. They also can be used as an alternative to flower girl baskets!

Fresh Ideas: Brooch Bouquets

July 13, 2010

I'm a huge fan of anything that can be reused, re-purposed, or recycled. Now, I can't say I live a die-hard green lifestyle. Let's just say I make a conscious effort by taking little measures here and there to keep mother earth happy. When it comes to my floral arrangements, I avoid the use of any toxic or harmful chemicals, mostly use vases that are either found or recycled, and try to stick with organic or locally grown flowers. I really appreciate and applaud others who go the extra mile and embrace every opportunity to be green.

I'm particularly loving this whole eco-chic movement going on now in fashion, interiors, and of course in weddings. One of the biggest trends I've been following are bouquets created out of unexpected items and found objects. My latest obsession? These brooch bouquets! How gorgeous are these? Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs creates these wonderful works of art that will never wilt and will surely be appreciated for years to come. I can just imagine someone passing one on to a daughter or having it displayed on a nightstand or dresser. To make it more special, it can include some family heirlooms. What a great way to revive an old collection into something unique and extremely fresh! It's the best complement to a vintage or modern bride's ensemble. Truly innovative and tres chic!

Details : Carina & Miguel's Wedding Shower

July 12, 2010

Here are a few shots taken at a small and simple wedding shower a couple of friends and I threw for Carina & Miguel. Thanks to Sasha and Basso for generously opening up their apartment's recreation room for the party! I carried out the wedding's teal, chocolate, and ivory color scheme. Sasha and I set everything up in lightning speed! Some details include custom tags (printed at home), candies in apothecary jars, fresh rose "cupcakes", a stripe teal and ivory table cloth (remnants for $10), chocolate m&m favors, flowers to coordinate with the wedding, and some food shots. Special shout out to Chef Jen Gerodias Slagle for the wonderful hors d'oeuvres and desserts, and for Sasha's red velvet cupcakes (I unfortunately do not have pictures of!).

Inspiration: Teal, Chocolate, Ivory

Here's an inspiration board I created for an upcoming wedding of a close friend. Her color of choice is teal, which we decided to accent with ivory and chocolate. For the floral decor, I am incorporating chartreuse and cream colored flowers and foliage. I have a few great DIY projects for this wedding that I'll be sharing soon.

Last Saturday we threw the couple a wedding shower in the same theme. I'll be posting a few of the details next.

Floral Art: Helen Amy Murray

July 11, 2010

Birds and Flowers wall art in silk crepe satin

Inspired by nature! I'm back from a great, revitalizing family trip to Yosemite. The outdoors has definitely gotten my creative juices flowing. I've got a lot of projects lined up and a few new DIY ideas to post. For the meantime, I want to highlight another one of my favorite artists - Helen Amy Murray.

London-based artist Helen Amy Murray's art is nothing but breathtaking. Her bespoke, stylized surface reliefs inspired by nature lend a modern and elegant touch to furniture, wall coverings, and wall art. The craftsmanship and details are simply stunning. Flowers are one of her favorite motifs, which makes me love her even more! She gracefully blends soft and feminine with bold and luxurious. I am drooling over her peony appliques!

Helen Amy Murray

Phillimore Chair (leather)

Phillimore Chair peony detail

Retro Egg Chair with Peony detail (leather)

Danish Tub Chair with peacock detail (Novasuede)

Edwardian Armchair in Bloom (leather)

Nursing Chair in Bloom (leather)

Pictures from Helen Amy Murray

Summer Outdoor Fun: The Botanical Gardens

July 06, 2010

Hello Sunshine!! I've been on a mini blogging break to get some much-needed R&R. The sun is out in the Bay and we're taking full advantage of this gorgeous summer weather! We're off to Yosemite for the rest of the week. Before I head to the great outdoors, I want to share some pictures from a short but sweet trip to Golden Gate Park.

Jen and I were in desperate need of some mommy time! We packed up the kiddies and headed over to Golden Gate Park and roamed around the Botanical Gardens. The little ones had a blast playing in the fields and learning about flowers. It was such a great inspirational escape - the kids had fun, we got some sun, and it didn't cost a penny! Next time we'll bring a picnic basket and visit the other gardens and sights. Great tip: the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers is FREE every first Tuesday of the month. Here's to enjoying some local scenery and taking some time for ourselves!