Birthdays: Natalie's Vintage Fête

August 01, 2010

About two years ago, I became a mommy. Wow! How time has just passed us by. While there will be a million life-changing events in our lifetime, having a child is probably the biggest. I am so grateful to have my little Natalie, she really fills our hearts with so much joy!

Her first birthday wasn't a grand bash - but it was a large casual gathering. Determined to host a truly intimate gathering for her second - I opted for a family brunch in my aunt's gorgeous garden. In lieu of gifts, we requested each family contribute a breakfast dish of their choice. Aside from the fact that my plate's been extremely full this year, I really did not want too much fuss. It had to take place a month early, with less than a week to prepare. Birthdays are big in our family and I couldn't let this Sunday brunch for my little princess take place without some designer touches.

I'm big on the look as opposed to a certain theme. I figure I'll save the themes for when she's old enough to tell me what she wants.  For Natalie's second, I wanted a vintage look in bright playful colors - shades of pink and sunshine yellow. For a fresh twist, I used my signature gray color as an accent.

Shades of pink dahlias, garden roses, double tulips, carnations, and hydrangea filled vintage cups, pitchers, and urns. I did without the usual greens in the flower arrangements and opted for dusty miller for its soft grey hue.  My sisters Mandy and Stef got to work and helped me with some crafty decor. We created some banners out of miss-matched ribbons and paper doilies to coordinate with the color scheme. Mandy hand-painted images of flowers and birds onto some of the doilies, and they just turned out so lovely! I created a seating area in the deck that featured vintage dining chairs I found around my aunt's house. Fabric scraps from a previous project turned into table runners. Ribbons adorned swags of crepe paper  as tie-backs and were wrapped around a couple of outdoor pillows. It couldn't have been more perfect! The food was scrumptious, the company was delightful, and the place looked darling. The icing on the cake: how much fun Natalie had being outdoors and riding her new pink bike. 




  1. i absolutely love what you did! it takes taste and imagination which is quite rare. i'm so in-love with the flowers! Post more pictures please!

  2. My favorites are the milk and coffee pitchers that doubled as vases.

  3. The arrangements look so delicate, like they're almost matte porcelain. Though most flower growers would pale at how you cut their stems so short, I think for an event they're very very tastefully arranged!

    Your color choices show how you can do justice to a pastel palette, when thoughtfully done. I think there's just too many people that just grab the pastels and get blue pink green and yellow, and mixing them all together without rhyme or reason ends up looking horrid. Your work gives me faith in pastels again! Good job!

    And no, i didn't write the comment above. :)

  4. Happy Birthday little Nathalie - looks like it was a lovely party!