Monday, November 1, 2010

Natalie's Custom Chanel Costume

Here's my little Natalie in this year's Halloween costume! Last year's cupcake was such a big hit, it inspired and challenged me to do something just as unique. I got a lot of suggestions from friends and family, and a "purse" was a popular choice. But of course, it couldn't be just any purse. I had to make the task more difficult for myself and pattern it after an iconic bag - the classic quilted Chanel purse! The little fashionista is very much into purses and shoes - and anything girly just like mama, so this was such a fun costume for her. 


  1. Just amazing. Absolutely the most creative Halloween costume I've ever seen! xo

  2. this is amazing!!! your daughter is so cute.

  3. Love, love, love! So cute! I don't have children yet but trust and believe when I do, my daughter will be a Chanel bag for Halloween! LOL

  4. Can you give materials used and steps to making this like you did the Birkin PLEASE!!!!!!!


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