I've been obsessed with the Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck since it debuted in 2002. A reinvention of the Louis XV chair, it is the epitome of historical style + technological innovation. Created in a single form of injection-molded polycarbonate, this piece is a clear winner in terms of durability and function - virtually scratch resistant, water resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The instant classic has been praised and adored by designers with a fun and whimsical take on style. Furniture enthusiasts are not only drawn to its sculptural essence. At $410, it is sold for a fraction of what most designer pieces cost. While it is available in opaque black and white, the clear one calls out to me more.

In 2008, Starck released a "baby" version of his famous chair, aptly named the "Lou Lou Ghost". SIGH. I've been on the hunt for my toddler's first furniture set and this chair is on my list. At $133, it's pricey for something that will be used and abused. But hey, it's easy to clean! If I can't get myself to purchase the grown-up version, I'll be more than happy to see my little one enjoy this tiny piece of heaven!

They come in a rainbow of colors....oohhh! Candy!

And if that is not cute enough, I am sure every girl in the world would want this:
Yes! Limited edition Barbie Ghost chairs! The perfect way for a woman to relive her childhood years. A pink, clearly adorable throne.

While most people fancy the chair's cool presence, they are often stumped on how to incorporate it into their homes. At first glance, it seems like it could only fit in a strictly modern environment. However, its classic form is the great transition statement. It can work-and beautifully stand out in any room. It is light and airy as well, taking up very little visual space. Anyone with limited square footage will surely benefit!

I would pair the chairs with a vintage or rustic wood table. Contrasting styles, finishes, and materials is the key to creating a dynamic and stylish space.

Paired with a rustic wood block table

The perfect complement to the classic tulip table by Saarinen. I am loving the seat and back cushions!

Because the chair has a cult following, furniture rental companies now offer it in their catalogues. I've seen it's graceful presence in weddings and events. Don't you think they just add that je ne sais quoi?! Tres chic!

When it comes to merging fashion and furniture, there is nothing more divine than Missoni prints on a chair! The Mademoiselle chair by Starck comes in a range of the fashion house's popular designs.

The chair comes in a clear polycarbonate frame with upholstered seat and armrests. It's beauty lies in the fusion of materials and the vivid patterns. At $950, it's definitely a big investment. However, you know it'll never go out of style! Another clear classic!

All the chairs are available at AllModern