When it comes to art, I am always drawn to simple subjects that are captured in a new light and done through modern techniques. Color speaks to me first, then rhythm and form. Flowers are of course, one of my favorite subjects. I was delighted to discover Brooklyn-based photographic artist Irene Mamiye's art -particularly her take on flowers. Breath-taking, inspiring, and truly cutting-edge. Her work is a blend of classic technique and modern interpretation. I would love to see these images printed on fabric! They are so chic!

Rupturing the traditional functionality of photographic equipment, Irene Mamiye gives life to a painterly quality in the language of abstract expressionism.
The artist constructs a mini-universe, a fleeting sculpture of quotidian objects selected for their three-dimensionality, pigment, transparency, and luminosity. In other images, these moments are extracted from nature and the similarity in effect is caused by the random manipulation of light, color and movement. Once captured, these sculptures are immediately destroyed, never to be recreated, as those moments in nature are never to recur.

Photos from Hamburg Kennedy Photographs

Limited edition signed prints are available at Hamburg Kennedy Photographs, on sale at One Kings Lane.