I just worked on a cluster of arrangements that were pretty much inspired by my husband and my dad. It's Father's Day in 4 days! Trying to step out of the box, I decided to challenge myself by creating a few modern arrangements that would be bold enough to be appreciated by a man, yet chic enough to be adored by a woman. I tried to come up with something bold yet simple, elegant yet exotic, and altogether just fun.

I decided to go with black and white for my first breakaway arrangement. Ultra chic and modern, I picked a couple of square black glass vases to work with. I chose some Spider Mums and Calla Lilies for their strong architectural features. I am a big fan of Jeff Leatham, so I took inspiration from his precocious arrangements by positioning the Calla's on a tilt. Then I added some white Hydrangea for a little bit of softness and to avoid a cold and harsh look.

Hydrangea, Calla Lilies, and Spider Mums

Spider Mums

For my second arrangement, I chose Craspedia, Hydrangea, and Dusty Miller. The Craspedia add a fun and exotic touch with the bright yellow color and spherical shape. The Dusty Miller comes in a great gray-ish tone that complements the color scheme perfectly.

Craspedia, Hydrangea, and Dusty Miller

All the arrangements were done using a simple interlacing technique. I try to avoid using floral foam as much as possible. Not only are they harmful to the environment, the flowers just don't last as long in them. I enjoy exposed stems and seeing the water in a vase. I am continuously experimenting on new techniques that are cleaner, greener, and maximize the flowers' aesthetic.

A special shout-out to my local supplier David and his flower nursery! Thanks for the beautiful foliage and flowers.

Happy Father's Day!!