About a year ago I stumbled upon a great antique shop in San Carlos. "Then and Now" - a small, family-owned boutique is a true hidden gem. From vintage clothing and accessories, to grandfather clocks and children's toys....furniture....jewelry...you name it, they've got it. Stepping inside the shop is like being transported into another time and place. Each item calls out to you as if it's trying to tell it's own story.

My first visit resulted in a very unnecessary purchase. However, it's one I will never regret! A compact chest of drawers stood beside a vintage doll pram and a mid-century coffee table in one dark corner. I was drawn to it because of it's clean lines and classic character. It seemed like the perfect nightstand. Upon further examination, I learned it had some hidden features. The top conveniently folds up, revealing a small writing desk and storage! I was beyond thrilled. It was the perfect modern desk disguised as a charming antique chest of drawers. It was functional, pretty, had great workmanship, and at $150, a steal! The best part about it was knowing it had it's own story.

I found the perfect spot- a small corner near my dining room that is often bathed in sunlight. A little wood cleaner, and some light dusting revealed a wonderful wood finish. It has some scratches and what not, but I just love how it looks. I didn't bother having it refinished.

I topped my new find with an over sized wood tray and filled it with some of my accessories. I figured that the tray would make it easier to transform the drawers into a desk- simply lift the entire tray up and unfold.

The desktop is inlaid with leather and a foil-stamped patterned border.

Dressed it up for occasional office use....

Re-purposed some apothecary jars into containers for office supplies.

It's a great place to sit down, browse through some reading material, write a few letters, or work on a laptop computer. I just love how it serves more than one purpose. It's lovely how a circa 1930's find can fit in so perfectly in a contemporary home.