This week my dining table was adorned with gorgeous coral charm peonies. Inspired by the beautiful pink color, I thought I'd share some interesting facts about my hue of the moment.

PINK!! A delicious combination of the passion in red and the purity of white. The color of happiness and joy, various hues can affect a person physically and mentally. Vibrant pinks can stimulate energy and excite, increasing heartbeat and pulse rate. Soft pinks induce relaxation and reduce aggression. Did you know that pink has been used in prison holding cells to reduce erratic behavior? Random design school trivia! Pink makes us crave sugar- pastries always taste better when they come out of pink boxes.

Pink has been and always will be my favorite color. Lighthearted, sensual, pleasing to the eye -it's just pretty!! I think that everyone has a color personality, something that elicits a certain feeling of well being. While it is not my first or favorite choice when it comes to designing interiors, the color never fails to make me smile. I always find a way to sneak a little bit of pink into my life! Have a happy, colorful weekend!