Probably not related to flowers, interiors, or weddings - but I am trying to get a head start with Natalie's Halloween costume this  year and would love some suggestions. Really hoping to have a new fun and challenging fall project. It's little crafty projects like this that keep my creative juices flowing, and my sanity in check. Last year's delicious, giant cupcake creation will be hard to beat. I pulled it together in less than a week, and up to now cannot describe exactly how I did it. My inspiration came from the baking hobby (addiction) I developed the year before. I've also been obsessed with cupcakes since I discovered I had a sweet tooth - probably my first birthday party. My sister and I even had a complete collection of "cupcake dolls" that had those skirts that folded up and transformed the doll into a yummy cupcake. Yes, the bake shop version of the Transformers!  Anyhow, it was inevitable I would design something cupcake-related. 

This sweet masterpiece will always be my favorite and most memorable costume. Here are the ingredients:

wire wreath form
pink long sleeved onesie
brown tights or leggings
fiber fill
pink and brown felt
needles, thread
glue gun

I basically used the wreath form as the structural base for the shape. Like a sculpture -I sewed, glued, stuffed, and wrapped felt and fiber fill together until it looked like the cupcake I had in my head. There really is no way to explain the steps, but with a dash of imagination and a sprinkling of determination anyone can create this wearable cupcake sculpture. It turned out great - and was pretty comfortable! Natalie did not want to take it off, and she had fun bouncing off the walls with it.

Here's my little one during her first fitting for the costume's "shell":

I have a few ideas in mind for this year's costume, but would love some suggestions! Please send me a message or leave a comment to inspire AND challenge me for this fall's DIY project!

Photos: Tim De los Reyes