It's been a chilly summer here in the Bay Area. I don't recall a day I left the house without a sweater, shawl or jacket on hand.  We always talk about how temperamental the weather can be. Cool summer days and blustery nights can be disturbed by a sudden surge of heat for an entire weekend.  Just as we were all convinced this season would end without a glimpse of the warm sun, we were blessed with a few days of intense heat that pretty much came as summer was ending. My best friends arrived for a visit and must have brought the heat along with them. It was about time we had a mini-vacay so we took two days from our busy schedules and escaped with a quick trip to wine country during the (last) break of intense sunshine. We visited Auberge du Soleil in Napa for lunch, the Sonoma Farmer's Market, and finished off our first day with dinner at The Girl And The Fig. We enjoyed catching up, eating and drinking up a storm, and checking out the local spots so much that we couldn't be bothered by the 108-degree weather. Sonoma is now our favorite getaway spot, and an amazing source of inspiration for me. I'll be sure to post more photos and details once busy season is over and I round up all the images. In the meantime, here's a peek into our two-day break from reality. Here's to wonderful friends, food, wine, and sunshine!

Photos: Julia Sevilla