The studio is filled to the brim with gorgeous blooms for today's wedding! I'm in love with all of them, and can't wait to get them all spruced up for their big debut. Pictured above is Phoebe - my favorite garden rose. Isn't she delicious? She is a beautiful large bloom, and resembles another favorite flower of mine - the Peony. The scent on her is so fruity and sweet.

Here's more of Phoebe:

Meet Patience- my equally favorite garden rose. Lacy and creamy, she will be the centerpiece of the bride's bouquet. 

And here are a few more blooms that have filled the studio with sweetness for the past two days: 

Peonies - a surprise from my grower! The last batch for this season. Because it's been a pretty chilly summer, Peony season lasted a bit longer than expected. Dahlias- - they have a very rich, spicy scent and amazing color. Yves Piaget roses - more Peony look-a-likes!

Back to work!!