I'm in the process of updating my little one's nursery into a playroom. Since Natalie was born, it really hasn't gotten much use. It's taking quite a while because of my jam-packed schedule - I only get to work on it a few hours a week. First on the list was giving a pair of old book cases a fresh new look. I plan on using it for Natalie's books and toy bins. 

I planned on a budget makeover.  Spending a load of money on a playroom just doesn't make sense - kids grow and outgrow things so quickly! These book cases were practically free and only required a simple sprucing up to give it a designer look.

Here's the before shot of one book case:

 And the after (obviously not styled for the playroom yet):

I used two cans of spray paint in a dove grey color (just a shade or two darker than the wall's). Then to give the piece a little more interest, I covered the backboard with a wonderful moire-type of "wallpaper" (adhesive drawer liners - best thing ever!). I'm extremely happy with how it turned out! It's chic and will stand the test of time. It's something that can grow with her needs.

The next project is her play table and chairs- hopefully that will be done this week! More updates soon.