You know that LBD (little black dress) that every woman should have? That one staple that's classic, elegant, and oh-so flattering?  Well there's also a wedding version to an LBD- a CBW wedding (classic black and white wedding). It can be modern, traditional, eclectic - you name it. It will always be a favorite color scheme because it can be bold and masculine and at the same time, feminine and chic. Think of that timeless Black and White movie that's filled with so much character- where the cinematography and production elements come together so well to tell a story that you don't even know or care what color of dress the leading lady is wearing. You're more than satisfied with the wonderful storyline and absorbing every detail that was so cleverly executed.

You would think that a wedding based on two of the most simple or basic colors would be the easiest to design - well it's actually the most difficult. If not done right - it can look dull and uninviting (I've seen downright scary weddings in black and white). Understandably, most people are also not bold enough to dip into the BW scheme because they have a fear of it being "washed out". In terms of the blooms - white flowers bruise so easily, thus making them harder to work with. We also have to order a lot more extra bunches of flowers because there are more "unusable" blooms, thus increasing costs and changing floral orders into "blush" or "butter" hues, which basically means you're really not having a CBW wedding.

When my lovely couple hired me to design their flowers, style their reception venue, and create their custom print goods - I was over the moon excited. Not only are they such a sweet pair - they were a dream to work with (Not playing favorites! I've been lucky- all my couples have been amazing!). Their personal styles really came through and was evident in all the details we decided on. They're really one good-looking, stylish couple! They had a vision of a vintage-inspired black and white wedding in a traditional formal ballroom setting. One of the first words they used to describe what they wanted was simple and elegant. I wanted to take simple and turn it into Simply Sublime. Black and white immediately translates as modern, clean and pretty edgy most of the time. My goal was to create their CBW wedding that would be elegant, timeless, and chic. I had to create boundaries and stay away from anything too minimalist or too ornate.  Balance was the key and a lot of little details were extremely important. Black is already a bold statement, so we had to complement it with elements that would result in something romantic. Gold Chiavari chairs against the black linens added "sparkle" to the table without literally "sparkling", if you know what I mean. Candles created dramatic mood lighting, which bounced off the silvered antique vases and mirrors. They added that extra layer of "light" and cast off gorgeous shadows.  For that romantic, soft, and lush look- the flowers were done in ivory accented with hints of seafoam arranged in large pillowy bunches set on silvered vases. The ivory arrangements offset the black and somehow "lifted" the room (like a "cloud effect") and made everything dreamy. We sized the centerpieces to be substantial enough to fill up the space, yet not too over-the-top, alternating between medium-sized single arrangements and more petite clusters. The vintage feel came through in small doses - through the print goods, the vases of the floral arrangements, the checkered dance floor, accessories, etc. There were little touches everywhere that gave off a hint of old-world glamour. Pieces of the couples heritage and personalities were injected into the wedding - from the food choices to the entertainment (fun Mariachi band!), to their outfits. I can't wait to see the official photos!

Best part of the night - when the bride cried during a "sneak peek" preview of the room before the guests were ushered in. I love my job!! I fell head over heels for this wedding during the design process. I think it's a perfect example of my own personal style with regards to florals. I too dreamed of having a CBW wedding, so this one will always be one of my faves. Here's a peek into the traditional CBW wedding I designed:

Three weeks before the wedding:
Mock-Up table design presentation at the showroom.

Print Goods:
The custom designed "Hudson" invitation suite

And everything comes together:

 The Personal Flowers
Gold cuff and chain-link bracelets with fresh ranunculus, dusty miller and pleated details inspired by the bride's gown - my version of the modern corsage.

The Buttonholes (swooning over the perfect bloom I used for the groom's)

The Bride's Bouquet

Pleats inspired by the bride's gown accents the bouquet wrap.

The Ballroom 

All photos taken by me and my hubby! Can't wait to see the official photos from the super talented Kevin Chin.  Just a few of the vendors that worked together to create this lovely wedding:

Venue: The Oceano, Half Moon Bay
Floral and event design, Print Goods, Candy Station & Signs: Therese Jacinto Design
Table Linens, Black and White Dance floor: Classic Party Rentals
Cake: Satura
Wedding Coordinator: Elisheva Basseri, A Bride's Best Friend.
Venue Coordinator: Nancy Nerhan

Special thanks to my wonderful staff!! (You know who you are) :) Also to Nancy and the Oceano Staff for the top-notch service, Elisheva - the most professional and organized coordinator! But the biggest thanks goes to my lovely couple Griselda and Chris- for picking me and trusting me with your wedding. It was an honor and a pleasure to create this for you. Congratulations and best wishes!!